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Sirens Series 1 Episode 2 Firing Blanks

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

You may remember I talked about this show yesterday when I reviewed the first episode, last night saw the second installment of the new comedy drama on Channel 4.  Remember I was telling you that the story was based on a blog and that was my reason for first watching it, yeah?  Well the second episode I'm pleased to report was even funnier than the first and I really hope this show is getting a longer run than three episodes, I think three more may be in the pipeline but they aren't named yet.

Last night saw Stuart telling his Ambulance crew buddies that he fires blanks, this is all whilst they are in the emergency room casting over some of the dregs of society with Stuart proclaiming that he is pleased that he is biologically incapable of adding to the ranks.  Being on a bit of a high in this episode Stuart manages to get himself a date with Angie a student and Eco-campaigner he met a couple of weeks back.  this is where the laughs start.

Angie already has a boyfriend or at least a friend who she seems to get a long pretty well with, if you know what I men.  Stuart pops round to the house and Angie kisses him coming through that door, nothing wrong with that right?  Well there wouldn't be if Angie hadn't just finished servicing her boyfriends manhood with her mouth.  Stuart immediately reacts by saying what is that taste but is not to put off and ends up in bed with her.  The hilarity with Stuart and the boyfriend continues with Stuart eventually finding the boyfriends pants on the bedroom floor and discovering what the taste in his mouth was.

Don't let all of that fool you before Stuart finally managed to bed Angie he was having some problems which may require him to watch a certain advert involving legendary footballer Pele, we soon learn that these problems are linked to his father who he has not spoken to in 17 years but called him only a couple of days back.  Stuart agrees with his Best Mate Maxine, the Police Sergeant and decides to ring his father knowing that his erection problems won't be put right until he faces him.

Maxine plays a big part in the story, along with the fire department in this episode.  The police, ambulance and fire service all seem to attend incident's at the same time no matter what the problem.  Stuart and his ambulance buddies are simply trying to get there before the firemen in order to pick up any hot girls that maybe at the scene.  We also know from last week that cop Maxine really fancies Sturat but hasn't told him yet, she decided that joining a dating website was the best way forward.  She gets a date with some guy who turns up to take her out with his opening line being "you look nice, well better than your photo's anyway".  I'm no expert on women but I'm pretty sure that's not the best line to come out with when going on a date.  The date goes horrendously as the guy is driving his car around with no documents causing Maxine to make him stop and check his credentials.

Other than that, last night we saw Stuart blow a gasket with a lady for phoning an ambulance when her son had a cough, especially as he was only trying to get out of doing sports at school.  Stuart informed the woman that her son would now have to be blue lighted to the erergency room for a dose of Tixylix (kids medicine).  We also saw Ashley on the brink of finding love with Maxine's partner who is gay.  He overheard a conversation in the ER between Ashley and Rachid which gave him the heads up that Ashley was gay also.

So that's the second episode for you, like I say hopefully we are going to be seeing plenty more of Sirens on Channel 4 this year.  Tomorrow will see my first review of Falling Skies which goes out on the FX channel here tonight, cheers.
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