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Must Have Songs For Your iPod Week 19

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Just two more weeks left of this post now, don't worry it's not going anywhere just moving to midweek with a bit of a name change, if you read last week then you already know that the Sunday music post will continue but with a bit of a twist, want to know what it is?  Well that would be telling so you will have to subscribe to one of the feeds or maybe follow me on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out.

I've got four songs to mention for you this week and first up is something I have talked about a lot lately.  Any guesses?  That's right it's another one of those ideas, lets get a DJ who's on top of his game get him or her to mix up some beats stick a highly successful R&B artist on the backing track and hey presto we have a number one, along with a massive club hit.  If that is what you are into then I guess you should check out the video below of Little Bad Girl by David Guetta who has not got one R&B artist he's got two Ludacris and Taio Cruz feature on the single which will be released August 30th and David has said it will be a massive club hit, let me know what you think.

Next up this week you may remember this guy I mentioned him a while back.  Mann was in this post a while ago with his track Buzzin featuring 50 Cent, I don't remember that one being a cover version of anything else but that's exactly what he has done this time sampling Mark Morrison's Return Of The Mack and renaming it The Mack, original right?  The track also features Snoop Dogg (who else?) and Iyaz.  Mann's debut album is due out at the end of this month and this track will be featured on it.  The songwill probably work out quite popular since the original was so well thought of.

Whilst I'm talking about the original we might as well take a look at it here, I have it on my phone for the car (it's not my ringtone) and for me the original version can not be outdone.  For those of you who don't know who Mark Morrison is.  He is an English R&B singer from the 90's, the most successful one of that decade in fact.  His single Return Of The Mack was number 1 in England and most other European countries, it also got as high as number 2 in America the following year.  Mark has also had his run In's with the law back in the day he was convicted of Affray and sentenced to community service before being sent to prison for paying a lookalike to appear at the court for him, check out the video below.

Last one to mention now and as always I'll leave you on a high, the best boy band in the UK if not the world at the moment JLS, they came second on X Factor a couple of years back and have proved massively popular and very pocket enhancing for Simon Cowell.  Their new single She Makes Me Wanna is produced by hit maker Red One who they won the chance to work with in an auction it's due out July 24th and also features Dev from Far East Movement.  The video is below, enjoy.

Ok so that is all the latest music for this week, don't forget if you want to find out about the new posts coming up or you just enjoyed your visit then get subscribing to the feed and don't forget to leave your comments, I respond to them all.
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