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Shameless US Episode 3

Monday, 11 July 2011

This is weired to say after only three episodes of a new TV show but, I'm getting bored with this one already.  Anyone else?  I would normally watch this on Thursday night and give you the review on Friday, I recorded it last week and am only getting around to the review now having not watched the show until Sunday.  Even then I didn't really want to watch it I just thought I better if I was going to do the review.  Of course you can't base a TV show on one boring episode so I will give it another go this week and I'll go from there.

Sorry guys! She got back with her boyfriend.
 Last week the Gallaghers where presented with a bit of a problem, the disability cheque people popped around to see an Aunt, I can't remember her name that's how much attention I was paying.  The lady needed a signature from this aunt as her disability cheques are always being cashed but they don't know who by.  We soon find out that the aunt they want to speak to has been dead for 7 years and Frank (William H Macy) has been cashing the cheque whilst not informing anyone of the auntie's demise.  So most of the show went from there really they visited the local old peoples home and kidnapped one for the week to act as an impostor, they return her days later with no one any the wiser, is that likely?  I don't think so.  Not here in the UK anyway.  The police never even investigated it again not likely, and where was this woman's real family and why were they not worried about her whereabouts?

The youngest Gallagher boy Lip found himself in some trouble this week to, as we know he's gay and last week he fended of the advances of a young girl who's name I can't remember, anyone see a pattern here?  The girl didn't take to kindly to being let down so she decided to get her brother to beat Lip up, unfortunately they couldn't find him so his older brother took the "beat down" as they called it.

Emmy Rossum had her chest out as Glen from 1Man. 365 Movies promised us, that's when she was sleeping with a police officer in his patrol car outside a church full of school children, likely?  Again I don't think so.  As nice as her chest was It's really not enough to make you watch the show every week, at least for me anyway.

Frank is still living with that woman, and no I can't remember her name either, she is the nympho I referred to last week who had Frank walking a little funny following their bedroom antics.  Some of that may be worth watching some more but other than that I think Shameless US may have lost my interest.
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