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Dexter Season 5 Episode 5 First Blood

Saturday, 16 July 2011

As always I'll start with a quick recap from last week, then give you a brief on what this week's episode was about.  From episode 4 Debra and the rest of the Miami Metro police would appear to have been hot on the heels of the Santa Muerte killer after tracking him down to a house.  Dexter spent the the show trying to convince Lumen Pearce (Julia Stiles) that he was not going to kill her and would like to help her move on.  Dexter was also facing increasing pressure from Quinn, not face to face but in the background he is doing a lot of work to prove that Dexter leads a double life and has also been known as Kyle Butler.

This episode "First Blood" did not see the story line in relation to the Santa Muerte killer move forward any really, I think that one may be trailing on a little while yet.  Dexter has convinced Lumen that his intentions are honorable and is trying to convince her to go home and move on with her life and Quinn has recruited some help in his battle to prove that Dexter is in fact Kyle Butler.

The Santa Muerte killer, the story is more of a back burner really and would appear not to be connected in any way whatsoever to the main storyline of Dexter and Lumen.  That side of things is really not holding my interest at all, although last night it did provide me with the best laugh of the night.  Don't get me wrong some of Dexter's one liners that are narrated over the top, him thinking in his mind I presume do crack me up but, the hunt for the Santa Muerte killer lead Debra and Masuka to a local tattoo parlour to identify a drawing one the victims had provided them with. The joke was from Debra and referred to the ladies in the parlour being impressed with small needles, she told Masuka he should get out his manhood and show them.

Another sideline story that is getting quite amusing, although it probably shouldn't be is in relation to Harrison, Dexter's son.  He took him to a party in this episode and young Harrison would appear to be already following in his fathers footsteps getting his scratch on at the expense of another kids faces.  This is all following the shrink telling Dexter that Harrison would not be affected by him seeing his mother killed.  Dexter appears genuinely concerned regarding this especially as his son even knows how to discard of the evidence by licking his fingers clean.

Dexter and his storyline are afforded top billing as always it is his show after all, he is meeting up with Lumen every morning at a local coffee shop where she is expressing a desire to kill the men who abused and tortured her. Dexter on the other hand is trying to convince her that this is not a good idea and may not lead to her feeling better about things at all, I'm really liking the Lumen side of the story especially now that she decided not to get on the plane and stay in Miami.  Julia Stiles plays the character brilliantly and really shows that she is a cut above the other female actresses in the show.  Another character that works really well is Dexter's father Harry (James Remar) his ghost stopped Dexter from committing the murder of an innocent man in this episode, urging him to take a second look and think again if this man could be responsible for the abuse caused to Lumen, was Harry a serial killer to?

Finally Dexter is going to have to be extra vigilant from now on, not only is Quinn snooping around on the Kyle Butler theory but Dexter now has Robocop on his ass to.  That's right Robocop, guest star Peter Weller (Robocop in the 80's) plays Stan Liddy and is now also looking into Dexter to help out Quinn.  This is going to prove one of the best story lines of the season I think and I'm really looking forward to see how it pans out, for Dexter, Quinn and Liddy.

Before I saw this episode last night I caught up with a sneak peak into Season 6 of Dexter, with a new video released by Showtime.  I have included the video for you to check out below and am hoping you are going to let me know what you think in the comments section below, check it out.

As most of you know I have only been getting back into Dexter this season and it's fast becoming my favourite show along with Sirens on Channel 4, this teaser of season 6 is really encouraging me to catch up with season 5 via DVD a little quicker then watch season 6 in line with America rather than waiting six months to a year for it to start here.
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