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This Weeks Top Movie Release: Holy Rollers

Friday, 8 July 2011

The top new movie release this week is something that I mentioned here a while back now.  Holy Rollers is a film brought to us by Director Kevin Asch and was written by Antonio Macia, the movie initially aired at the Sundance film festival in 2010 where it won the Grand Jury Prize.

The movie stars Jessie Eisenberg, who starred in the movie the Social Network playing Internet billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, also starring is Justin Bartha who starred alongside Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.  Ari Graynor, Hallie Eisenberg and rapper Q Tip also star in what looks like a very good movie with an idea that may well have been used before but not in this way.

Made on a budget estimated to be around $1m, it does not come with quite the same hype you see with most movies these days but, what you do get is what looks to be a great story line with great characters built into it and you often find that movies like this are better than some of the big budget releases anyway.

The story follows Sam Gold (Eisenberg), a young Hasid growing up in a Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, he is studying to become a Rabbi and has had a marriage arranged on his behalf.  His neighbour Yousef Zimmerman (Bartha) notices that a young Sam is starting to resist the ways he has been taught and offers him the chance to transport some "medicine" for a guy named Jakie (an Israeli drug dealer).  Sam is quick to impress with his business like mind and is quickly taken under the bosses wings becoming involved in the shadier side of Manhattan and Amsterdam nightlife.  Sam samples Ecstasy and his double life soon begins to tear his family apart, he is now forced to make a decision that could bring the whole drugs operation down.

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