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Black Eyed Peas Live At Super Bowl 45

Sunday, 3 April 2011

What's that a music review?  Yeah I know I have not done to many of them but I'm pleased to be doing this one.  This is sort of a request from one of my regular commenter's Ruben, who asked me to look at the performance of the "Black Eyed Peas" at the Super Bowl.  Now I know this may be a bit late in coming, but the Super Bowl is on far to late at night in England to stay up and watch and I had not even heard of the performance until now.

Now they started off alright I thought, with the song "I've Got A Feeling" that tonight is going to be a good night, or at least it will be when the next 12 minutes of their performance is finished.  Then the song kicked in and you think, oh no!  Fergie I think you have forgot to put your microphone on. 

Now up to this point I was more interested in the Green LED lit dancers who had formed themselves into arrow shapes, I'm presuming they were illuminating the stadium exit and direction to the bar.  The dude with the Glasses not Will i.Am the other one on the left, yeah him over there, someone should tell him he has a microphone, there is no need to shout.

The performance is then rescued momentarily when Velvet Revolver's Slash comes on playing the Guitar intro to "Sweet Child O'Mine" from his Guns & Roses days, great I thought, until Fergie decided to join in and ruin a classic.

They then move onto "Let's Get It Started", terribly.  Let's hope he really mean the second half of the game and not their performance.  Then it's rescued again when the intro to "OMG" starts, at first you thinking don't do it then Usher appears, phew.  Not quite Will i.Am decides to join in once again, admittedly not as bad as Fergie with Slash but still not as good compared to Usher live.  Good thing with Usher on the stage the cameraman clearly felt that their was no need to concentrate so much on the back up dancers.

The show is then moved onto "Where Is The Love" and Fergie is terrible very flat voice and I was quite surprised that she was not better than that.  I will give them credit the performance was full of energy and they never stopped running and dancing, they have to just get their breath now before the sing.

Black Eyed Peas - Live at the Super Bowl Video

I said that I have not seen these guys perform live, well now I remember I have.  Last year they where on the X Factor and performed pretty well I thought, maybe they where miming or I was drunk who knows?  Check out the X Factor performance below.

Black Eyed Peas - The Time Live on X Factor UK 2010

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