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Ice Cube Movie: Chrome and Paint

Monday, 11 April 2011

Now we all know Ice Cube as a bad boy rapper who started off his career with the NWA, following his career with the band he went on to be a solo artist and a very successful one at that.

Ice Cube did not leave it there and went to work on movies, my first movie experience of his was probably the same as everyone else’s when he played Doughboy in the 1991 movie Boyz n The Hood, a movie I would still sit and watch now.

The next movie from him or the most memorable one anyway, was Friday where he co-starred with Chris Tucker.  A great movie which gained a huge following before it was even known that mainstream, things seemed to be going well he got the part as Danny Rich in Anaconda alongside J-Lo, then starred in Three Kings with George Clooney as Chief Elgin.  Ice Cube then went on to make another two Friday movies which done ok off the back of the original, but where no wear near as good.  He got the chance to take over Vin Diesel in XXX2: The Next Level, an ok movie but he did not do as good of a job as Diesel in the original and the movie was a bit over the top.

He then starts to make kids movies, starting off with Are we There Yet.  A movie I watched but was not impressed with, needless to say I did not see the follow up Are we Done Yet, I thought he was done!

Now Ice Cube has had a movie ready to go for quite a while now one of his own project’s that he has wrote and also wants to direct.  The movie is called Chrome and Paint, the movie is about the custom car culture in L.A and he wanted it to be a gritty R-Rated car movie set in South Central LA.
His plans for that will now have to come down a bit more to family level, as Disney studios have now picked up the movie,  looks like we may be set for another family adventure from Ice Cube.

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