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Terminator 5

Thursday, 28 April 2011

So we all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to acting, and he apparently has movie offers coming out of his ears.  As regular commenter Ruben told us in comments on a previous post Ah-Nuld is a lot better at acting than he is at politics.

Terminator 5, as it's named at the moment is currently sitting shelved away in some studio and is awaiting the rights to be bought, the leading studios in the hunt for the movie are Lionsgate, Sony and Universal.  The only thing halting the process at this time is the $25 million or so up front price tag with the total amounting to $36 million.

Who ever gets the rights is also going to be in need of a writer, as the movie is yet to scripted, there is a thought!  Why not get Sylvester Stallone to write it.  For me he has done a pretty good job of his latest remakes Rocky Balboa and Rambo in particular, just a thought.

If the movie is snapped up ten it would hopefully see Schwarzenegger take up his Terminator role one more, at least in some capacity anyway.  I hope the movie does get made all though I have no idea what the story would be, any ideas?  The original Terminator and T2 have got to be the best in the franchise by a long way any one will admit to that.  Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines was enjoyable but not something you would watch time and time again, then you have Terminator Salvation which admittedly I have not seen, but the reviews I have read are not really that great.  Maybe if they make the 5th movie I will get round to seeing it.

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