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Britain's Got Talent Semi Final 3

Thursday, 2 June 2011

So on we go with the BGT over kill for the week, is anybody else getting bored?  No, maybe it's just me.  I know it's a talent show but why did they put so many talentless people through, I don't think Simon Cowell is very impressed.

Last night saw a couple of good acts one which could win and another that won't up last night were, Les Gibson, Wachinraporn Tirpack, Gay and Alan, Abyss, Angela and Teddy, The Circus of Horrors, Jay Worley and James Hobley.

I'll start with Wachinraporn, or watchingporn as she is referred to by some of the judges, this is what I'm referring to when I say why do they put through talentless people, she does an act if that's what you want to call it, no one actually knows what the act is she just comes on dressed as various characters and prances around the stage, granted she is pretty attractive but that's as far as it goes really, she has no talent.

The Circus of Horrors, you may remember me mentioning them a while back.  I enjoyed their first audition although it's not something I would go and see I thought they were pretty good at what they do last night though, I was was not impressed.  It was in fact what they say Horrors, not good and very boring, again maybe it's just me let me know.

Angela and Teddy now, and I don't need to tell you again that I don't like dog acts, if you want to see a dog act then watch Cruffs on TV, that would be my advice.  On BGT they all seem to do the same thing.  Angela is an older lady and very nice with it, unfortunately for her Teddy the dog is pretty old to and can't really be bothered to do tricks in front of millions of people.

Now to Jay Worley, a singer who to be honest should probably be on the X Factor rather than this show,  He is ok last night he decided to sing Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon, a great song I'm sure you'll agree.  He did an ok job not as good as his audition and he did not make the final three on the night.

Gay and Alan, they are a couple who do a bell ringing act, I talked about these guys in the audition if I remember rightly.  I thought they were going to be terrible but, they proved me wrong and where actually pretty impressive at what they do, last night again they where good and managed to get into the top three, It's not something I would pay to go and see and you do get a little bored but at least It's original and they have mastered it.

To really impressive now James Hobley was awesome in the auditions he is a Ballet dancer, and at 11 years old he is very impressive, again I have to be honest It's not something I would go and see but you have to admire the dedication it takes to be that good, last night he done a dance to a Leona Lewis song and rightly so he is through to the final at the weekend.

The winner last night Les Gibson, this guy was fantastic in the auditions with his impressions of Kevin Webster, Ross Kemp and his hilarious take on Dec the co host of the show , last night he was equally impressive adding in Alan Sugar and Gordon Ramsey, he had them off to a tee and won the public vote taking him through to the final.

I start late shift at work tonight so won't catch the show, what am I going to do?  I'll watch it on YouTube probably about midnight at work type tomorrows post before I leave work and post when I get up tomorrow, you see the dedication here.  Speaking of dedication I watched Geordie Shore last night as promised and have the review ready to come out later today, don't want to miss it then make sure you subscribe.

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