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Must Have Songs For Your iPod Week 14

Monday, 6 June 2011

It feels like I have not done one of these posts for ages now, you know with all the Britain's Got Talent posts going up in the last week.  But we are back to it now as BGT has finished for another year meaning I'm back to reporting on the movies and TV shows, and Geordie Shore of course.I have got some great ideas for the music post for the next three weeks two of which are older music, not that old Simply Red (don't laugh) and Seasick Steve but this week I'm going to go with the newer one as I have rattled on about older music for the last couple of weeks.

You may remember this one from the Graham Norton show post a few weeks back now.  Cee Lo Green performed live on the show promoting his new song "I Want You", live it was awesome you can check that here.  Below is the official music video which had not been released back then, let me know your opinion but, I think the live version was better.

Now to a band that I've never mentioned here before.  Some of my readers if not all of my readers in America won't have heard of these guys.  The Wanted are sort of the big competition for JLS at the moment and their fairly new track "Glad You Came" has been overlooked by me lately.  I had a listen the other day and thought it was worthy of a slot here, check out the video below.

The last one today, I have been meaning to put this one up for ages.  Mann ft 50 Cent "Buzzin", not that often Fiddy does a good one these days.  He tends to do better when he features on other peoples records.  the video is below.

So that's the latest on the music post, what can I say there was not much coming out this week, alright who will it be next week then Simply Red or Seasick Steve.  Why don't you choose, leave your suggestions in the comments below whatever you choose I will go with.  I'm going to be back tomorrow with the news on that British drama that I promised you on the BGT final post.  Cheers.

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