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Britain's Got Talent Semi Final 4

Friday, 3 June 2011

Your AWESOME man I love you.  Sorry sorry, Hasselhoff is starting to rub off on me again.  The fourth semi final of BGT last night and guess what, I enjoyed this one more than the other three, why?  Because I didn't watch it.  Seems to have done the trick to, as you know I have been getting bored with the show, not because it's bad, it's just on to long and to often.

Tonight I'm actually at work, and managed to log onto to check out the videos from the show, that way I don't have to see all the ads or listen to them rambling on.  Never mind on with the post.

Tonight saw Edward Reid, Steven Hall, Jai McDowall, Nathan Wyburn, Out Of The Blue, Mexican Mayhem, Jessica Hobson and Dance Angels.  Now that is a pretty impressive line up for the night, three or four of those would be in with a shout of reaching the final.

First up it's Nathan Wyburn, remember the guy who painted Michael McIntyre's face using toast and Marmalade.  Tonight he done three pieces of art work again not with paint brush's or pen and paper.  One with fire one which looked like glitter and one with candles, I have to be honest I was bored 2 minutes into this video.

Out of the Blue, you know the guys from Oxford and Cambridge university, no.  Ok the clever guys who put an awesome spin on a Lady GaGa track in the auditions, this week they done Jump.  I don't know who sang it but it was in the movie Love Actually, the bit where Hugh Grant is dancing through 10 Downing Street.  The performance was ok but I enjoyed the first one better.

Mexican Mayhem, well it was mayhem nothing mis advertised there, this is another dog act.  Well more a lady with two dogs who stare at her as if to say no "I'm not doing that".  Then she goes to give the dogs some Tequila, I'm pretty sure the RSPCA would have something to say about that.

Jessica Hobson, she is a singer.  At least that is what her act is, the audition was not that bad from what I can remember but last night she was terrible.  That is pretty much all their is to say.

Edward Reid now, the guy who came third surprisingly.  He is the guy who takes nursery rhymes and sings them with the backing track of a more modern song, when he starts you kind of think what the!  But then you realise how good he is and it is pretty iimpressive.

Steven Hall, the telecommunications engineer from Cumbria.  I enjoyed his first audition he done a mad mixture of dances, it was very enjoyable and last night was no different.  I would still go back to what Ruben my regular commenter said though, It does look very similar to the Evolution of Dance video on YouTube.

The winner of the night now Jai McDowall, in the auditions this guy was amazing really powerful voice and a nice guy to.  Last night even more amazing when he sang an opera version of Evanesance Bring Me To Life, check the video below, amazing.

So that's it for another night of semi finalists.  Steven Hall and Jai McDowall through to the final, I'll be doing the same tomorrow night and watching the video's online after the show and will be back on Saturday morning with the review of the 5th Semi.  Cant wait till then?

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