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Geordie Shore Episode 2

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ok so I was really ready to give this show a shocking review this week, as you know I caught it late.  What with BGT on for two hours every night it has been hard to keep up, not that I'm complaining.  If you have read my Britain's Got Talent post from earlier then you will know I' getting bored with it, without doubt the funniest thing about the show is Michael McIntyre. 

Last week I watched the first episode of Geordie Shore and thought like a lot of people did,  what on earth is this tripe, right?  wrong.  I watched it again this week as promised and I have to be honest I laughed my ass of for an hour,  in the first review I gave it a bit of a kicking probably because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  This week I have changed my opinion, as you have probably guessed and I think this might be my new favourite show, don't ask me why.  Maybe I just like trashy TV, who knows?

It's obvious now that Jay and Vicky are going to become an item, they clearly fancy each other and Jay has managed not to sleep with anyone else yet.  he did "Tash On" as they say with some bird this week but, Vicky seemed to let him off or at least that's how hit looked with the two of them in bed together.  Lucky Git.

A SKy Remote!

Now to Gaz and Charlotte, I said last week that Gaz was keeping Charlotte back for himself.  If he does not manage to pull whilst out in Newcastle, he will take Charlotte back at the house.  She knew that is how he felt and has been managing to fight off his advances, well at least until he took of his pants to reveal that he is hung like a horse, he compared it last week to a Sky remote, if it does look like a Sky remote Gaz then I would be getting that looked at. 

Greg and the lads decided on a dinner party for some girls they had met last week whilst out.  Mr smooth rang them to arrange for them to come to the Geordie Shore house for some dinner and tashing on.  That went well and the girls at the house who at first were not bothered, seemed pretty mad later on in the night, threatening to chin one of the girls for coming upstairs, to be fair the invited girls were a bit crazy.

Holly the one with the boyfriend, sorry that should be very trusting and understanding boyfriend.  invited him round this week as she was missing him, aargh int that nice like.  She confessed that she had kissed someone on the first night in the house, well Holly if that is what you constitute as kissing then a large group of my friends would very much like to meet you.  And one I forgot to mention Sophie she got laid, and then her dad decided to pop round the next morning whilst the guy was still in her bed, I don't think he knew.  Well he will now, never mind.

That's all the latest from the Shore, I think I will defiantly be watching every week now.  Since Britain's Got Talent is getting so boring these days Geordie Shore for me has got to be one of the best shows on TV.  Now I have not banged on about this for at least two posts so I'll mention it now.  If you are not following me on Twitter, Facebook or subscribing to the feed then get on it.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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