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J.J Abrams Movie: Set To Be A Summer Blockbuster

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hey so we are back keeping your finger on the pulse with new movie news, this week it is about J.J Abrams the man most famous as being the Executive Producer of hit TV Show Lost, gripping the whole world with stories of Polar Bears and strange happenings on desert Islands.  J.J Abrams looks set to wow us all again this year teaming up with Stephen Spielberg for the new new movie Super 8.

Abrams has been a busy guy, following Lost he went onto produce Undercover's a US TV Show and then Fringe which we all saw here in the UK.  Abrams is no stranger to the world of movies, with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol coming out later this year and announcements made that he will be producing the Star Trek Sequel due for release in 2012 and following that he will be working on the Cloverfield Sequel.

Abrams new movie Super 8 is due for release in the US on 10th June 2011 and then 19th August 2011 in the UK.  Abrams has taken a different seat on this one and finds himself sitting in the directors chair whilst also writing the movie, with non other than Stephen Spielberg on board as Executive Producer.

Over in America they will be a bit more familiar with the Super 8 movie, due to the trailer being aired during the Superbowl, so unless like me you are a serious movie buff then you may not have heard to much about it.

The movie introduces us once again to Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning who has starred in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button alongside Brad Pitt and also with Denzel Washington in the movie Dejavu.

Set in Ohio 1979, a group of six children use a Super 8 camera to make their own Zombie movie.  one night they are filming near a remote stretch of rail road tracks, they witness a train hit a car leading to a catastrophic derailment.  But what is on the train?  The U.S Air Force have closed down a section of Area 51 with all materials being transported to a remote secure facility in Ohio, following the train crash something Inhuman emerges from the train leaving the local deputy searching for answers.  Watch the Super 8 movie trailer below.

It looks like J.J Abrams is going to pull of another mind puzzling action packed blockbuster for us all to enjoy once again, proving why he is one of the best Director and Producers in Hollywood.  I can't wait for the release of this movie, with the trailers leaving us with bated breath of how good this movie is going to be.  A lot of comparisons are being made with the movie Cloverfield, a movie I have not actually seen, but for me this looks every bit worth a watch.

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