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Two And A Half Men: Its Official

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The biggest TV show in America if not the world Two And A Half Men which is owned by Warner Brother has today officially announced that they have terminated the services of actor Charlie Sheen.

Sheen has reacted telling "This is very good news, they continue to be in breach...." to read the full eh, rant click the link above.

The sitcom had cancelled filming part way through the eight series thanks to Sheen's behaviour which saw him with a spell in hospital thanks to a 36 hour alcohol and drug binge with porn stars a plenty.

The $2 million  a episode star of the show has recently been on a US radio show and called the shows creator Chuck Lorre "a contaminated little maggot" and stated that he had been offered $3 million an episode to head up a new show with a different TV network.

Still though Charlie Sheen's popularity continues to grow, recently opening a new Twitter account he had hundreds of thousands of followers within hours.

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