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Johnny Knoxville Movies: Paramount Sign Up Knoxville

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paramount pictures have signed up Johnny Knoxville to take part in a more serious role. Knoxville has now been lined up for a part in "The First Man" playing the role of a politicians husband who ends his wild party days in order to help get his wife elected as President. Knoxville character soon folds under the pressure and returns to his wild partying ways.

On the more serious side of mad man Johnny Knoxville, I have seen the movie Walking Tall starring the mentioned Knoxville along side Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and honestly I did not think he done a bad job, especially for a movie that probably only went to the cinema because Johnson had signed up.

I don't know yet that I will be definitely watching this movie and as yet it is only in the pipeline. Knoxville may go and do a Charlie Sheen on us all yet and have the movie finished before it has completed filming.

On a serious note though Knoxville has been offered two movies in total and is not straying far from his roots in the second one, joining his Jackass counterparts in the movie Moustache Riders. For me that has got to be one of the worst movie titles ever, and I can say that I dont think I will be in a hurry to see this one, if thats is what you are into fine but maybe I just a little old for that crap.

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