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Weekly Soap Gossip: 13th March 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011

So here is the start of another new weekly posting at Movies Music and Television, we will keep you up to date with all the weekly soap gossip from the biggest shows Eastenders and Coronation Street.
First up this week it,


Aires: Monday 8pm, Tuesday 7.30pm, Thursday7.30pm and Friday 8pm on BBC 1 (Sky 101) and BBC 1HD (Sky 143)

The latest Eastenders storyline has seen Whitney get into prostitution, following her life spiralling out of control with no one to turn to.  This week Ricky and Carol finally realise that Whitney is no longer living on the square, deciding to send out a search party Lauren and Janine are the first one to go looking.  Lauren thinks she has cracked the case when she Whitney outside of a local club, only problem being Whitney is working and is so spaced out by her mind controlling Pimp Rob she does not know what to do.  Whitney eventually get up the courage to confront Rob at his bedsit, he becomes angry and forces her into the back of a car with a horrified Lauren and Janine watching on.

Coronation Street

Aires: Monday 7.30pm & 8.30pm, Tuesday 7.30pm, Wednesday 7.30pm and Friday 7.30pm & 8.30pm on ITV1 (Sky 103) and ITV 1HD (Sky 178)

This week sees the return of every ones favourite barmaid Liz MacDonald, who returns to the madness that has ensued the Rovers Return.  Returning from Spain her son Steve has bought a child Becky has looted the local business during the tram crash mayhem and Steve has given his ex Tracy a job behind the bar.  Soon realising that something is a miss Liz demands to know why Steve and Becky are allowing loud mouth Tracy to walk all over them.  Elsewhere adulterer Kevin comes to the comfort of wife Sally about their daughter's slip into depression, but how will Sally react when Kevin moves in for a kiss.

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