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Must Have Songs For Your iPod: Week 4

Sunday, 27 March 2011

We are here again my favorite posting of the week, what is the best music to add to your iPod.  I gotta be honest here, this week is not really that great for music releases, but I have my favorite.

This week Black Eyed Peas release "Just Can't Get Enough".  This hits the top for a couple of reasons, yeas it is a great song, very easy listening with Fergie and Will I.Am's voices coming across great.  The most impressive thing. The video was shot in Japan one week before the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami.  The Black Eyed Peas send their thoughts and prayers as we all do to the people affected by this.

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

Now as you know I don't keep this posting strictly to new music, I like to throw in some golden oldies too.  You may laugh at this.  I have to set the scene first, my dad owns a Honda S2000 sports car, that's not what you will laugh at.  I had a reason to drive it the other day, before that I was sitting at my parents listening to some of their music collection.  I heard this song, one I had not heard in a long time and I thought that is pretty cool....I'm hoping not to loose to many readers here.  I took the CD and decided I was going to play it in my dad's car, lets bear in mind it's a pretty cool car and I go and do this.  Never mind I thought it was cool.  The song

Tina Turner - Steamy Windows

I know, you are now thinking how un cool is this guy.  I know I know, but you have got to be honest it certainly gets you foot tapping, and its on my MP3 player.

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