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Must Have Songs For Your iPod: Week 3

Sunday, 20 March 2011

So I turn on my computer today ready to type my favourite posting of the week, I roll over this new song by someone I have not heard of MOGWAI, who?  Yeah that's exactly what I thought.  Turns out they have a new album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, very refreshing I know!  I was intrigued enough to give them a listen on YouTube, thinking of course that it would be some kind of throw back to my teenage years as a hardcore raver.  Turns out I was very wrong.

MOGWAI are a five piece post rock band formed in Glasgow back in 1995, who knew?  Not me that's for sure.  Their music is mostly all instrumental but you should give it a chance, kind of like Moby but a bit more of an up beat kick.  Not quite the raving that I was expecting.

MOGWAI - San Pedro

You Can Buy The Mogwai Album Here

You liked that didn't you!  Well I know I did ad I am going to be checking out more of their songs on YouTube this week and will post my findings.

So what else is new and hot this week, that you will want to add to iPod or MP3, like I say every week this is about all types of music new and old. So this week we got a couple more, one not so old and one pretty old check them out below.

She may be bad but is perfectly good at it, at least according to her anyway.  I am of course talking about Rhianna nana whats her name?  Her new (ish) song S&M is great like a lot of her music.  The official video for this one has been flagged as inappropriate for by YouTube, not removed but you have to sign in or sign up to prove that you are 18.  Me being 28 and a guy, I don't find it inappropriate at all and I will be signing into my account later today.  We will have to make do with the lyrics here.

Rhianna - S&M

You Can Buy Rhianna "Loud" Here

Now I mentioned a Scottish rock band before so with the something old this week I am going to remind you all of Big Country a Scottish band from back in the 80's.  I was introduced to these guys through people at work, part of Big Country's cult following if you will, they still release music for their followers, but I like the older stuff two imparticular.

Big Country - Alone

Big Country - Restless Natives

Hope you enjoyed the latest posting, check out the previous two Beady Eye and Cee Lo Green.  We also paid tribute to rap star Nate Dogg this week. 

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