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4th Jason Bourne Movie

Friday, 25 March 2011

I said we would be back before Sunday with some news for you, now you may remember we posted some time back about the fourth Jason Bourne movie due out in 2012. The movie is going to be titled the Bourne Legacy and some pretty big Hollywood names like Josh Hartnett, Jake Gyllenhaal and Toby Maguire where supposedly in line for the role.

We now have more news emerging, called up to test for the role in the Bourne series 4th movie movie are Joel Edgerton, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans and Garrett Hedlund with Shia LaBeouf also remaining in the mix, LaBeouf has reportedly said he will not test for the role.

The latest from director Tony Gilroy is that this movie is going to be a completely new chapter in the series and the focus in this movie will not be on Jason Bourne’s character, different to what we first thought reporting on this a month or so ago.

Gilroy said;

“I’m not going to get into the plot, but you saw the other three films, you know everything that happened, and it’s not a dream sequence. What I can say is, you thought that was the whole world, but it was a small piece of what was going on. Ultimatum exploded at the end with people arrested. We deal with that as a reality, it has ramifications that echo out into the larger world. And of course, Jason Bourne is still alive and out there in the world”.

The movie is due for release August 2012, and is going to be a completely different story than the one we have known so far, one thing that we don’t yet know is will we find out what happened to Nicky Parsons and Jason Bourne. With all the new names being banded around who is your favourite to take the role.

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