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Who Will Replace Matt Damon As Jason Bourne

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The writer and director of the Bourne movies Tony Gilroy is on the look out for a big Hollywood name to replace Matt Damon and super assasin Jason Bourne, the fourth movie in the series "The Bourne Legacy" is planned for August 2012 so Gilroy is going to have to work quick to find some one who can hold there own on what is going to be a massive box office movie, not only that but with Matt Damon's shoes to fill the succsessor should be carefully selected.

The heaveyweight Hollywood names being banded around at the moment are Jake Gyllenhaal, Toby Maguire, Josh Hartnett and Garrett Hedlund. All big names but only two of them for me could step into Matt Damon's role and pull it off.

My top choice would have to be Jake Gyllenhaal, for me he has been in more roles with this sort of story and is pretty big player in Hollywood, his new movie Source Code coming out April this year looks great, and he could definatly fill a void left by Matt Damon.

On the other Hand Toby Maguire is no stranger to the Hollywood spotlight having been in big budget box office hits of the superhero genre, his other movies tend to be more on the romantic and drama side of things though and nothing sticks out that he has done in the past, that said he is a great actor and would no doubt be a hot contender for the role.

Gilroy is keen to remind us that no one is replacing Matt Damon as such and the Bourne Legacy is not a prequel to the Bourne series. Gilroy has said the Bourne Legacy is going to be a whole new chapter in the story along with a new character to grow.

I'm sure what ever decision is made the Bourne Legacy will be a great movie, and well worth going to see at the flicks, let me know what you think as always drop me a line below in the comments section below want to contact me its and you can follow me at
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