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Movie Review: UNSTOPPABLE Starring Denzel Washington

Monday, 21 February 2011

Ok so I finally got my ass into gear this weekend and got round to watching a movie. There has not been many posts this month sorry for that I've been busy over here take a look maybe you'll enjoy the reading.

On with the review, this weeks movie Unstoppable.

Whos In It

Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson

The Plot

Denzel Washington is a train driver who has a new rookie (Chris Pine) working with him, two dummy down at the train switching station accidently set a train with no air brakes attached and the throttle on full. As usual Denzel and his counterpart save the day with a daring attempt to stop the runaway train.

The Verdict

All in all I thought this movie was great. The action started pretty much from the off, ok you could see where the story was going and how it was going to end but if you are like me then that does not really matter as long as you enjoy it. Denzel is prertty much himself, you know! the coolest man on the planet when under preassure and he is backed up by a good supporting cast. If you want a movie with plenty of non stop action that does not really require a lot of thinking about then this movie is for you.

Would I watch It Again?

Definatly, I would watch this movie again tomorrow. Like I say great fun non stop action without to much to think aout.

My Star Rating

****, great fun.

Well thats it for this weeks movie, thanks for dropping by as always and remember you can contact me or follow me at dont't forget to leave your comments.
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