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James Franco, Movie Star

Saturday, 26 February 2011

So I posted about James Franco a little while ago in the weekly news, you've probably heard of him he has been in some pretty good big budget movies Spiderman, The Green Hornet and 127 Hours to name but a few.

Franco is of course going to be hosting the Oscar's, and is making a pretty big name for himself of late, being well on the way to being a big Hollywood leading man.

Franco's latest project sees him in Rise Of The Apes which will be released in the UK 25th November 2011. The movie is set in San Francisco and center's around a guy conducting genetic engineering leading to the intelligence of Apes, causing a war for supremacy.

The movie looks quite promising and and should be worth a watch for Franco in the leading role. Franco is not leaving it there and also has great movies on the way like The Broken Tower and OZ: The Great And Powerful.

Franco has got a busy year ahead and I'm sure the offers for big budget box office movies will continue to pour in next year

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