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Keanu Reeves Announces More Matrix Sequels.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ok so the first Matrix movie was released and don't get me wrong, along with everyone else in the world I thought it was great. Mind you I did have to see it a couple of times before forming that opinion. The Watchowski brothers then wrote the scripts for Reloaded and Revelations together, the first sequel Reloaded was also a very good movie and you felt that maybe you where getting somewhere with the story line. Then they released the third movie Revelations, which was terrible. In fact it left everyone wondering what was all that about in the previous two movies, if anyone can enlighten me, then hey drop me a line.

Now I hear Keanu Reeves has been over here in England being honoured by the London School Of Performing Arts, and has announced that there may be another addition to the Matrix franchise.

The Watchowski brothers have reportedly written two more scripts for two more follow up movies and have been talking with George Lucas about making into a 3D adventure. Let's face it what ever they end up doing It can not be any worse than the last movie, and we might actually get some answers as to what is going on.

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