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TV Review: DEXTER - See-Through 2.4

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dexter Morgan: I refuse to believe that Vince Mauka is the man who single-handedly brings me down

m rolling on with Dexters second season and again with See-Through I feel a little deflated as I did with An Inconvenient Lie, it was still a good episode but for me there were two stand-out moments both of which relate to the main story of the Bay Harbour Butcher, and both involve Dexter and Vince Masuka. So, this week, Masuka finds some new evidence, Ritas mother comes to visit (for some reason) Deb gets it on with the guy in the gym and Doakes is taking on another responsibility which has nothing to do with him, but it gets him off Dexters back. Oh yeah, and Rita doesnt like Lilia (Jamie Murray) to much.

I’ll start with that I think, Dexter’s NA sponsor Lilia, who just happens to be very attractive, word to the wise though I think maybe she is a little psycho, but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. Dexter goes running to speak with her for support this week, and no it’s not because he had just fell off the wagon and jacked up in a back alley, it’s the fact that Agent Lundy’s net on the Bay Harbour Butcher seems to be closing in on him, he’s paranoid and needs to speak with someone who quite possibly has their own dark passenger to deal with. Rita meets Lilia this week too, well rather she sees Lilia from the car and guess what? Rita is not to happy about the fact that Dexter’s sponsor is such a hot girl, although she wants Dexter to get help for what she thinks his addiction is, she doesn’t want that help to be from a very attractive young female who may steal her boyfriend. Luckily for Rita, Dexter is having his own doubts about the suitability of Lilia as a sponsor, but luckily for us the audience Dexter's doubts are soon washed away.

Now onto to Masuka the funny man of Miami Metro who whilst usually dishing out the jokes quite often finds himself the butt of them, turns out that Masuka is quite a clever guy after all and he's quite possibly on the verge of solving the Bay Harbour Butcher investigation. Masuka approaches Agent Lundy with an idea that the algae on the rocks could be the evidence which wraps up the investigation, the rocks are likely to be from the same marina where the Bay Harbour Butcher keeps his boat, the search is narrowed down to three marina's one of which just happens to be the one where Dexter keeps his boat "Slice of Life". For me this is really the biggest development in this season so far, Dexter has remained one step ahead every time thanks to his impeccable cleanliness, but has he now left one shred of evidence? The one thing that maybe he can do nothing about?

Masuka invites a bunch of marine biologists along to Miami Metro to help him trace the algae found in the body's to a specific marina, this leaves Dexter with only one option he must sabotage the giant refrigerator and ruin the evidence. Unfortunately for Dexter his attempts achieve nothing more than a very smelly fridge come the next morning, the algae is fine and leaves Masuka and Lundy with an angle to work on whilst Dexter must start plotting another way to hide his identity.

As always with Dexter "See-Through" has plenty more going on, this episode in particular focuses on Sgt Doakes and his investigation into a murdered housewife. Doakes knows the male responsible and tracks him down to a boat where he shoots the guy dead. I feel like season two hasn't really got going as yet, it's been dealing with a lot of the fall out from season one's Ice Truck Killer investigation. I'm really not worried though (I have seen to episode 8 now so I know it get's a lot better), if you remember season one was a little slow to start building to the story then the sixth episode "Return to Sender" hit and Dexter arrived with brillaint episodes every week, right now I'm kind of thinking that season 2 will take a similar sort of arch.

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