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TV Preview: FALLING SKIES Season 2 Trailer. Premieres Tuesday at 9pm on FX UK

Monday, 2 July 2012

You may remember last summer I reviewed an American TV show which in all honesty I was doubting would get a second season, I am of course talking about Steven Speilberg’s Falling Skies which recently had it’s season two premiere in the US, I’d normally keep up with the US side of things but Falling Skies is only delayed by three weeks here in the UK and starts on FX this Tuesday night at 9pm. I reviewed the first season in its entirety and to be honest I enjoyed it, it’s by no means the best show on TV but as far as summer offerings go this wasn’t a bad effort. You can check out what I thought of all ten episodes by clicking HERE, it’ll serve as a nice little reminder of where things were left off last time round. Don’t fancy that? Then you can check out the season two trailer below and see what you make of it.

Pick it up? Well if not I’ll give you a quick run through, Falling Skies picks up three months after the events of last seasons finale and sees civilian resistance group the 2nd Massachusetts continuing their fight against the alien invaders. You may remember in that last episode that we all got a bit of a shock as Tom (Noah Wyle) the main star of the show willingly boarded an alien space craft, I can only think that this was some sort of effort to make a connection with them in order to help free his harnessed son, other why would he do that?

I’m going to be watching the show on Tuesday night and I’m hoping that the answers as to why Tom got on that space ship are going to come pretty quick, although I should I go with my instinct and think that they may well drag this out a little bit? Who knows? What I do know is that amidst all the fake looking Mech’s (those are aliens) and the low budget effects Falling Skies was not that bad of a show to keep you busy through the quieter scheduling of the summer months, I’m not saying I will review it all but you can be sure that I will cover the first couple of episodes.
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