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Review: WIMBLEDON Final 2012 Andy Murray vs Roger Federer

Monday, 9 July 2012

It was the first time in 74 years that a British man has reached the final of Wimbledon, Fred Perry was our last champion in the Gentelman's singles category, now in 2012 it was the turn of Andy Murray, the 25 year old Scot has shown plenty promising signs in recent years reaching the final of two of Tennis' major championships. In 2008 he lost out to Roger Federer in the US Open Final, in 2010 he again faced Federer in the Australian Open final, 2011 saw him reach the final of the Australian Open once more only this time to be beaten by former world number one Novak Djokovic. This year Andy saw himself in the final again, only this time it was the final that he so dearly wanted to win, The Wimbledon Championship Tennis' biggest grass court competition. Along with everyone else in the UK I thought this is probably Andy's best chance, but the threat of Swiss superstar Roger Federer was still a big one. It was kind of bitter sweet for me as I wanted Murray to win but at the same time it was fantastic to see Roger Federer make history in winning his 17th Grand Slam Title. I'm a big fan of Tennis and I think I can go out and say that along with everyone else that yes, I want the British players to win but at the same time I enjoy the flair that the likes of Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic bring to the game, they are exciting to watch and their names are the ones which immediately spring to mind when the game of Tennis is mentioned.

Andy Murray came through the Championship this year with relative ease, he had quite a tough draw, one which would have seen him meet Rafa Nadal had Jo-Wilfred Tsonga not put him out earlier in the week. Tsonga was the man who stood between Murray and this years final and Murray made sure that the big Frenchman would not stand in his way, he won the first two sets before losing the third and then stepped up a gear in the fourth to take the match three sets to one. Federer was the one with the trickier semi final as he had to beat Novak Djocovic the man who took his world number one crown. I fully expected Djokovic to come through the match and reach the final, however Federer showed that he may be 30 years old but he's not lost it as yet, he stepped up into top gear and swiped Djokovic aside with ease.

It was a good start for Murray in the opening set as he managed to break the serve of Federer in the very first game, that brilliant start saw him go on and win the first set, however Federer never looked worried and much like his semi final he found that little bit extra eventually beating Murray three sets to one in order to take his 7th Wimbledon championship equalling the record held by Pete Sampras. It was bitter sweet like I mentioned above as you felt heartily sorry for Andy Murray, yet at the same time watching Federer play with such fluency was abslutely brilliant. Federer is not one to give away his emotions at least until the game has finished when he's prone to collapse to the floor in celebration of his latest major championship, Federer plays with such ease that at times it's difficult to think that he even breaks a sweat, the game it would seem comes easy to him.

Like everyone in the country and probably most of the world I found Andy Murray's speech quite upsetting, for me I had to keep my emotions under control as we were at a family BBQ, luckily I had a bottle of Stella Artois to sink away the heartache. I've put the video below for you to see, tell me you didn't cry yourself after watching it. 

It was a brilliant final and history was going to be made by whoever won, but at the end of the day even as an Englishman I have to admit that on Sunday July 8th 2012 Roger Federer showed the entire world that he is by far and away the greatest Tennis player of all time and on the day was just a little to good for Andy Murray who will always be compared to Tim Henman. Although he is a far superior Tennis player to his mate you can't help but compare. Tim Henman played in an era which was dominated by Pete Sampras, he retired and Federer stepped into the fold. Murray now plays in era where the top players in the world are all of similar standing, Murray would stand along side all of them as he has beaten them all before, the only difference is he hasn't done it in a Grand Slam final. I think he will win one eventually but I don't think he will enjoy quite the success that Federer, Nadal or Djokovic have.
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