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Sneak Peek: The First 2 Minutes of DEXTER Season 7 Here NOW - Comic Con 2012

Friday, 13 July 2012

The hype surrounding Dexter's seventh season has been building for a while now, I mean we even added to it here yesterday when I posted all of the trailers avaliable so far and teased on the fact that Comic Con 2012 would be bringing us the first two minutes of the season 7 premiere named "Are You...?". Yes Debra he is, would be the answer to that question, your brother is in fact the biggest and most ruthless serial killer America has ever seen, and lets face it they've had plenty. Of course non so likeable as Dexter, anyway I'm prattling on check out the video and we'll talk some more afterwards.

Oh man that doesn't half leave you with bated breath, is it not September 30th yet? Why can't they just air the series now, seriously? I think fans who's interest may have wondered off a little during Dexter's admittedly poorer sixth season will all be tuning back in as this looks like it's going to be awesome. So what can we expect?

Well, season 7 picks up exactly where the sixth left off with Dexter plunging a knife into the chest of Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks), the Doomsday Killer just as his adoptive sister Debra walks into the room. Her immediate reaction is that of every cop who has just witnessed a murder, she reaches straight for her gun and takes aim at the man she loves so dearly. Dexter's immediate reaction to his sister is that of every killer, he lies his ass off, a skill which he has honed pretty well during six seasons of playing Dexter Morgan. Debra then asks why the body is wrapped in plastic and Dexter gives a reasonable forensic analyst excuse. It really doesn't give to much away and it is very much a teaser from producer Scott Buck as to what kind of set up we can expect. I love the way the clip ends;

Dexter - "Who are you calling?"
Debra - "The station, I have to get everyone down here"
Dexter - "No"

And that's it, the clip ends. Ok some comments please, just how much fun was that two minute clip? And are you looking forward to the seventh season of Dexter?

Oh Shit!
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