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New DEXTER Season 7 TV Spot Plus Some Story Line

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The hype surrounding Dexter's upcoming seventh season is still building and thanks to Showtime I have another couple of trailers as well as a new photo taken from the season 7 premiere "Are You...?" (that's it on the left). The Comic Con badge on the right side bar has now disappeared, but has been replaced by a picture of just how Dexter wants to be seen by the public. Don't forget these trailers are the latest, if you click on that Dexter picture then you are taken to all the Dexter trailers available so far, as well as the two minute sneak peak provided courtesy of Comic Con.

Now to some story line provided courtesy of a press release, we discussed in previous posts weather Debra would grass her brother to her colleagues at Miami Metro, we decided that wouldn't be the case and that can be seen in one of the promos below as Dexter burns Travis' body in front of his sister. What happens from there? Well, Debra would seem to be off doing her job whilst allowing her brother to continue on with the life he has become so used to, killing killers. In season 7 Dexter sees a new challenge in a brutal Ukrainian mobster played by Ray Stevenson. On his journey Dexter meets Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski)an independent woman who has a past that she is struggling to put behind her, Hannah starts to work with Miami Metro helping them solve old cases, Dexter starts to work with her and realises that maybe Hannah is not all she seems.

Quite a few of the episode names have been released so I will list them here for you now, nothing much to talk about but 7.12 has an interesting title. Remember the season 7 premiere airs on Showtime, September 30th 2012.

7.01 - "Are You...?"

7.02 - "The Shadow Knows"

7.03 - "Buck The System"

7.04 - "Run"

7.05 - "Swim Deep"

7.06 - "Do The Wrong Thing"

7.07 - Chemistry"

7.08 - "?"

7.09 - "?"

7.10 - "?"

7.11 - "?"

7.12 - "Lethal Injection"
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