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TV Review: DEXTER - Resistance is Fuitile 2.9

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dexter’s world is unravelling, has he been caught? He certainly thinks so when his blood slide “trophies” are found to be missing from his apartment and now he even has the FBI tailing him. Does Lundy know? Or is this nothing for Dexter to worry about? He seems worried, and with very good cause. During the last episode we were treated to one of Dexter’s most satisfying kills when he off’d Santos Jimenez with a chainsaw, now with his new FBI buddies tailing him getting rid of the body in the usual manor is proving difficult somewhat. It’s yet another situation in Dexter’s second season, just like “Dex, Lies, and Video Tape” where he finds himself with his back to the wall and seemingly no way out.

“Resistance is Futile” really is up there with the best of season 2 episodes, right at the beginning just after Dexter realises that his blood slides are gone he walks into Miami Metro with his hands in a handcuffed position, as if he knows that it’s a fore gone conclusion. When no one turns around he’s at first a little surprised but I guess somewhat relieved that the whole of the homicide division didn’t jump him right there and then.

Dexter’s first problem with the FBI has a lot simpler of a solution than he first thinks, Dexter is not his suspect at all, Doakes is the man who Lundy now believes is the Bay Harbour Butcher and the reason for Dexter’s tail is simple, Lundy is worried that Doakes will try to get to one of his Miami Metro colleagues and that’s a chance that he’s not willing to take, but that provides Dexter with his biggest problem. How does he dispose of the body? Simple, just sneak out in the middle of the night and pop over to the Everglades, perks of living in Miami eh. Of course the Everglades are the perfect place as
not many body parts would be left over once the Alligators had there go.

Of course we know for sure that Doakes is definitely onto Dexter, he now knows that he is The Bay Harbour Butcher, but he’s not willing to go public with what he knows just yet. After all what does he actually know? Not a lot, all he has found is what he thinks are blood slides, they don’t have name badges on so a little further digging is required on his part, he takes them to a friend who can help ascertain exactly what use they will be and decides that he wants to be the one who brings Dexter in. Two mistakes from Doakes already then, why not go public with what you do know about Dexter, and the slides you found? At least tell LaGuerta who may believe you and broker some sort of deal with the FBI, although she does have a rather large soft spot for Dexter too, so maybe she wouldn’t believe Doakes, then the decision to take Dexter in himself, why? Ok, so the FBI are after you but if you have proof… Just saying, not that I want Dexter to get caught of course but this did lead to one mighty showdown which has pretty much been promised all season long.

Doakes heads to the Everglades to catch Dexter in the act and draws his gun on him just as he’s dumping Jimenez’s body into the swamp. In what is probably one of the best scenes Dexter charges at Doakes who doesn’t fire his gun and manages to get the better of him and choking him out, but can he break his code and kill an innocent man? It’s a moral dilemma for Dexter but maybe he has no choice. Instead for now Dexter decides that it’s best to just hold Doakes captive in Jimenez's cabin, it really was a brilliant end to what was a brilliant episode of season 2. And Dexter has the upper hand once again. Another brilliant episode and one which is providing another massive turn towards what will surely be a brilliant season finale, I just can’t wait for more.
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