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This Week In Cinema's.... BOURNE Is Back and Merida Gets BRAVE

Friday, 10 August 2012

Fancy the cinema this weekend? Personally I wouldn’t bother as there is nothing new coming out for your weekend viewing pleasure, want to see something new then I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until Monday when Jason Bourne is replaced by Aaron Cross and there’s a new kids movie about a Scottish girl with ginger hair, and that is all that is going on this week. Everything that is released on Friday is either a foreign movie which has been put into English or its something which you or I have never heard of. That one (yes one) that you haven’t heard of is called 360, and if I had to say anything about it would be that it stars Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins and Rachael Weisz, that's it.

I’ll start as always with the best of the week, The Bourne Legacy is released on Monday, it’s totally revamped from the previous Bourne movies and brings a new action star to our screen in the shape of Jeremy Renner, however it also has a stellar backing cast including Rachael Weisz, Edward Norton, Scott Glenn and Stacy Keach. The Bourne Legacy is not a prequel, nor is it a sequel, this is a whole new story which picks up following the fall out of the Jason Bourne investigation and manhunt. The tag line “there was never just one” refers to the amount of agents which Tretstone produced, only some of them were more advanced than Jason Bourne, one in particular is Aaron Cross a super assassin who Tretstone want reeled back in. So on that little note I’d strap your self in for a thrill ride, check out the latest trailer below.

I put the first trailer out sometime ago now and to be honest that one hasn’t changed all that much from the original release, better now of course as we will be able to see one of 2012’s most anticipated movies come Monday.

Next up this week (Monday remember) it’s Brave the new kids movie brought to our screens by the people down at Disney Pixar, the movie stars (voices) Kelly MacDonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Robbie Coltrane. Brave is the story of Merida (voiced by MacDonald) a young princess who decides to take her own path in life rather than the one which is set for her, she goes on an adventure (I believe) and her reckless choice puts the kingdom into peril, now she must set things straight, check out the trailer below.

Now this is the movie that I’m the most likely to see as my oldest is really into Disney movies right now, I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched Tangled and Puss In Boots lately, so no doubt Brave is another one we will be adding to our collection when it’s released on DVD. Of course like Tangled, Puss In Boots and countless others I can think of I won’t be reviewing Brave.

Last one to mention this week, but it’s only worth your while if you live in London and have a tendency to be invited along to movie premieres (come on Stallone, invite me), The Expendables 2 sees it’s London Premiere on Monday night before being rolled out in cinemas nationwide the week after, you can be sure we’ll talk about that then, but for now check out the link above where you can see the trailer.
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