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TV Review: DEXTER - There's Something About Harry 2.10

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ah, well following on from what was one of my favourite episodes in “Resistance is Futile” Dexter can now breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now anyway. Doakes is safely tucked away in a cage deep within the Everglades, Lundy is upping the manhunt to find him and
Rita has decided to take Dexter back, I mean what more could Miami’s most famous serial killer hope for? Problem is, it’s not long before LaGuerta starts to disbelieve everything the FBI are saying and decides to start here own little investigation hoping to prove Doakes innocence, will she do it before Dexter decides what he will be doing with his prisoner? And will Lila settle for second best in Batista?

Of course she won’t, this Lila chick is crazy inviting Batista round for what he thinks is going to be a pretty fun filled night, she proceeds to OD on some drugs and has to be put in an ambulance, a desperate move to get Dexter’s attention and one which could land
Batista in a whole lot of trouble. Dexter now has a situation, does he leave Rita to help out Lila just after she’s taken him back? Or should he just leave it to Batista? Of course he can’t do that, as Lila is to dangerous and one wrong word to Dexter’s colleague could land him right back in the spot he found himself in the episode before.

Doakes has had enough of being stuck in a cage by this point and decides to play hardball with Dexter, he tells him he has two options, kill him or let him go, but Dexter has a third option, he wants some info about Harry’s death from Doakes and before he decides what to do with him he does a little digging. Just how did Harry die? Thanks to Captain Matthews Dexter finds out, Harry killed himself, he could no longer live with the guilt of what he had created in Dexter, even with the code instilled walking in on it happening was all a little to much to take.

Once Dexter has the information he required, that’s it he’s back and focused on what to do with Doakes, following the revelation breaking the code is something he does not want to do, but remember the first rule “don’t get caught”, that’s his priority and luckily for Dexter he has Doakes fingerprints and plants them nicely for the FBI to find and link Doakes even further as to being The Bay Harbour Butcher.

This was a good episode but I feel that there isn’t to much to talk about, most of it was based in the cabin and on dialogue between Dexter and Doakes, don’t get me wrong there were some pretty intense moments between the two, moments I thought Dexter would let him go but ultimately this served as an episode which builds nicely to what I’m sure will be two brilliant episodes.
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