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TV Review: DEXTER - Left Turn Ahead 2.11, Hurricane DEXTER'S Path of Destruction

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dexter - "I've really enjoyed our conversations James. I lie to everyone I know, except my victims, right before I kill them"

EDIT - There are no major spoilers here, I made a complete balls up when I first typed this review and have just had to re-hash it at 3.30am when I came home from work realising I was an episode early on most of the events I had mentioned. Still, enjoy.

I think I'll go out on a limb here and say that "Left Turn Ahead" is one of Dexter's best episodes in the second season. I thought “That Night, A Forst Grew" was impressive but this just completely blew it out the water.  I mean the season 1 finale was brilliant and that was accompanied by some pretty great episodes throughout but “Left Turn Ahead” would probably have to go down as one of the best Dexter episodes of all time, there was just so much going on here and what happened at the end, well, let’s just say say keep reading and you will find out.

Dexter has effectively thrown the towel in during this episode and decides that if Harry couldn’t even live with the code he created then neither can he, and decides that turning himself in would surely be the best option for all involved, but first he gives himself a day to set things straight with Rita and Deb, the two most important people in his life. Dexter set’s everything right with Rita telling her that he loves her no matter what happens, and decides to get Debra round to his flat and confess all. It's quite an amusing scene as Dexter runs through every possible scenario of how Debra may react to the news that her brother is Miami's most notorious serial killer in history, he is the Bay Harbour Butcher and Doakes has been completely innocent all along.

Dexter - "Deb, I'm the Bay Harbour Butcher"

Ha, Yeah it's true I'm the butcher Deb!
I didn't realise at first that was a flash forward, pleased it was of course and really I should have known having seen the later season's of Dexter, I know she doesn't know, well actually she does, you can see how she reacts here. Luckily for Dexter, Debra is not really in the mood for listening, she gives a little pep talk about how good the steak is which all but convinces Dexter that handing himself in is a bad idea and that he can go on comfortably living the life he leads. However as Dexter is contemplating handing himself in LaGuerta is off in Haiti investigating Doakes' claims that he is innocent and seeking out Dexter's blood slides which were given to Leones.

Like the previous episode "Left Turn Ahead" is really helped along by those great scenes between Dexter and Doakes. The FBI now have Deputy Director Max Adams (Jonathan Banks) on the case and he has managed to find some evidence which suggests that Sgt Doakes is hiding out in the Everglades. Dexter now has a race on his hands, knowing the FBI will be flooding the Everglades, can he reach the cabin before they do? Or maybe someone else will get there first.

Major Spoiler ahead, if you haven't seen this episode yet then I wouldn't read any further.

Now we have talked about Lila (Jamie Murray) in just about every episode, and I think we have established by now that she is a crazy bitch, well, said crazy bitch set up a little meet with Batista in the previous episode and now she wants him back at her apartment. Being a guy Batista agrees hoping that he will be getting some of the action Dexter has had of late, however Lila has a cunning plan and its all a bid to win Dexter back from Rita, she purposely overdoses on medication and collapses in the bathroom, waking up in hospital she tries to frame Batista forcing Dexter's hand to tell his own little white lie. Lila just won't go away though and when released from hospital she finds yet another way to get to Dexter, she finds his GPS, locks onto the last coordinates and takes herself off on a little drive to the Everglades national park. Dexter now has a race on his hands to beat both Lila and the FBI to the Everglades or his secret will be out and In what is one of the best Dexter scenes ever Lila finally realises just who Dexter is and what he is capable of.  

As always with Dexter "Left Turn Ahead" does not come without it laughs and as usual its lab geek Masuka who's on hand to provide the jokes, the FBI and Miami Metro are watching some CCTV footage of Doakes from a local service station. Masuka says "I don't believe it", Dexter "What" thinking Masuka is going to say something about Doakes he comes out with "it's $1.49 for regular", but hey I suppose that's cheap these days. Whilst we are on the lighter side of this episode I can't help but mention Rita's car, where did they get that? The set of a rap video? And Lundy's trousers, come on, must be a golfer.

"Left Turn Ahead" is quite possibly one of my favourite episodes of Dexter ever (bear in mind I haven't seen seasons 3 and 4), it is by far and away the best of season 2 and for me it's hard to pick a winner between this and season one's "Return To Sender" where Dexter also faced a battle with Doakes, top marks I say.

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