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New DEXTER Season 7 Trailer

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's been a while since Showtime released the Dexter season 7 two minute sneak peek and now there back with this latest Dexter trailer which is by far and away the most revealing one we have seen. Check it below.

Yeah, by far the best trailer so far and are we finally going to see a different side to our favourite Miami based serial killer? It seems like Dexter is going to be living on the edge during this penultimate season and his character is going to go slightly psychotic compared to the usually cool and collected man we would usually see. The big question we had last time round was weather or not Deb would turn the man she loves into the police, it seems she won't and although we could have guessed that it still seems like its going to be a real battle for Dexter to convince her that he is just the man she has known all these years. Debra is going to be looking into the Bay Harbour Butcher files and she discovers a link, the way Dexter had Travis Marshall's body wrapped up is exactly the way The Butcher done it, the pieces are all finally falling into place for Debra as promised. Asides from that Laguerta discovers one of Dexter's blood slides at the crime scene which Dexter has now burnt out, Laguerta "who uses blood slides?" Masuka, "the only person who used blood slides was the Bay Harbour Butcher". So, not only will Debra be looking at the Butcher case but it seems like maybe the whole of Miami Metro will returning to one it's most famous cases. That would cause Masuka to become involved and in the trailer it looks like Dexter kills him, or is it just one of those sequences which Dexter runs through his head? Just like back in season 2 when he contemplated telling Debra that he was the Bay Harbour Butcher. Away from Masuka there is the new Miami Metro intern, the guy who I warned would be someone for Dexter to worry about after he posted a frozen had to Dexter from the case of The Ice Truck Killer. In the trailer Louis says he wants to see Dexter lying in his own piss, why? What does he know about Dexter? And more importantly will Dexter kill him? Here's hoping.

An image from episode 2 "The Shadow Knows"

I really can't wait for season 7 of Dexter to start, not long now September 30th at 9pm on Showtime, be there or be square, as they say.
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