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Movie Review: That AMERICAN PIE REUNION Went Rather Well

Sunday, 15 July 2012

It's Saturday night and as usual with no X Factor or Britain's Got Talent to air the UK TV networks find it within themselves to put out a load of repeats both movie and TV wise which are of no interest to anyone. The wife and I decide it's a movie night and get to work on deciding what to watch, Wanderlust is mentioned but the trailer doesn't fill us with confidence, I try to shove Mission Impossible Ghost protocol under her nose but she waves that one away, then we stumble across American Pie Reunion or American Reunion whatever you want to call it, I head to IMDB we check out the trailer, laugh our asses off and that's it decision made. American Reunion it is.

Starring: Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, Eugene Levy, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Mena Suvari and finally Jennifer Coolidge as Stiflers Mom

The Plot

Thirteen Years ago now five high school kids set out on a long and hilarious summer quest to loose their virginity. Now, Jim, Oz, Kev, Finch and Stifler are back their lives have gone in all different directions as they wind up in their home town of East Great Falls for their high school reunion. Jim and Michelle are now married with a kid, Oz is a sports broadcaster dating a model, Kev is a house husband, Finch is a criminal (sort of) and Stifler hasn't changed a bit signalling his intention to get the guys f**ked up on their family weekend home, better strap yourself in for toilet humour and fart jokes galore.

You can check out the American Reunion Redband trailer HERE.

The Verdict

Was the acting good? Well, no not really it wasn't great, the main cast were quite good apart from a couple. My main gripe would be with Stifler (Sean William Scott), undoubtedly he is a very funny guy but in real life he is nearly 36, back in 1999 to pull off a cool joke jibing teenager was not a problem but since then his movie career has been up and down, to take him seriously in this movie was difficult at times. Don't get me wrong I laughed pretty much every time he was on the screen as he is of course playing to everything you expect Stfiler to, but maybe tone it down a little. The age thing really shouldn't be an issue as in the 1999 movie they all played teenagers when they were in fact in their 20's, a move which worked well for this franchise but went badly wrong in British comedy of the same nature The Inbetweeners.

American Reunion was dirty jokes galore, dirty ones which you could see coming from a mile off, but when they get there you can't help but laugh your ass off. Jim's (Jason Biggs) nymphomaniac girlfriend Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) is now his nymphomaniac wife, they have a kid together and lets just say that the bedtime action has somewhat dried up resulting in Jim being glued (almost) to his laptop whilst Michelle lies in the bath and gets herself off with the shower. It probably helps that this is the opening scene to the movie and it gets you laughing right from the off.

The original American Pie series was rounded off quite well I thought with American Wedding in 2003, following that the American Pie series has had another four adaptions all of which went straight to DVD, "Band Camp", "The Naked Mile", "Beta House" and "The Look of Love". I've seen Band Camp which focused on StIflers younger brother and in alL honesty that was so shit it swayed me from watching any of the others which also didn't star any of the original cast members. Doing the reunion the way they did is the only way that this could have worked and making it a big payday for the actors originally involved was a well worthy move. Released in May this year (2012) American Reunion has already grossed over 172m worldwide, with money like that I wouldn't be surprised if we see yet another reunion.

Seriously, for the lady friend and I this was like being a couple of teenagers once again as all the original cast from 1999's American Pie got back together and staged a reunion in their native East Great Falls. It was a brilliant laugh out loud comedy and I haven't had as much fun with a movie in this genre since The Hangover Part II, that said. American Pie Reunion didn't come without it's little annoyances but thanks to everything else they can be overlooked on this occasion. It's another one of those movies that is what it is, a popcorn flick which rounds off a very well received movie franchise.

The Best Bit

Following their night out Jim wakes up on the kitchen floor wearing no pants, not even underwear. His wife and her friend walk into the room and Jim tries to conceal his penis only to cover it with a see through pan lid. If it was prosthetic then it was a good one.

The Soundtrack

The music in American Reunion was brilliant apart from the bit which included the Spice Girls and a song written by Victoria Beckham. Other than that you had Montell Jordan's This is how We Do It and some Boyz II Men.

Would I watch it again?

I've seen the other three original movies a bunch of times and without doubt I would watch American Reunion again.

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