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TV Review: DEXTER - Dex, Lies, and Videotape 2.6

Monday, 16 July 2012

Dexter’s alter ego The Dark Defender certainly has a lot on his mind lately, Doakes knows he’s hiding something, Rita’s mother has helped end his relationship, he has a new one to deal with in Lila and to top it all The Bay Harbour Butcher has acquired a copycat killer who has willingly gone out and killed a former criminal. Now Lundy, sick of Masuka’s titty jokes has called Dexter in as lead forensic examiner on the Bay Harbour case, a move which Dexter thinks is to keep a closer eye on him. The biggest problem of all for Dexter during this episode comes when he learns of the cameras which have been set up where he moors his boat, has he been caught? Does Lundy know?

There was plenty going on during this episode, a lot of which didn’t focus on The Bay Harbour case. For me the meat of this episode was all about Dexter discovering that the camera was rolling the night he chooses to clean his boat. Now, Dexter needs to find out if he’s been caught and strikes lucky when he finds that yes, the cameras are recording but good for him Miami Metro’s computer systems are not quite up to date enough to receive the footage, all Dexter needs to do now is gain access to the office which Agent Lundy has had double locked and delete the relevant portion of footage which would finish him.

I suppose it was always going to happen during this season of Dexter but finally Dexter and Lila have made it official, with her helping to quench Dexter's urges in other ways. It was going to happen during this season like I said above but I’ve no doubt that Rita’s pain in the ass mother is the major protagonist in it all, inviting Dexter and his sponsor Lilia over for dinner. What did Rita find out? Only that during a road trip in the previous episode Dexter had been joined by Lila and they spent the night together, oops, looks like Rita’s mother got her way then. The situation really isn’t helped by the fact that Rita has informed her mother that Dexter is a junkie, or so she thinks and tells her that Dexter is going through a program to try to kick his habit. Not a lie, of course, it only happens to be a very different habit to what she thinks it is.

The fact that there is now a copy cat killer on the loose Dexter at first thinks that he can breathe a sigh of relief as the FBI and Miami Metro now have another angle to work on, only problem is Lundy threatens that if they don't catch the copycat killer quickly then the FBI will take full control of the Bay Harbour Butcher case.

Masuka totally cracks me up, about ten minutes in he's in an elevator with Agent Lundy and asks him if it's true that the FBI are monitoring all of the units Internet activity, if so then he can explain all the she male stuff. Lundy walks away without saying a word and heads straight for Dexter who he wants to come and do forensics on the copycat killers lair, again Masuka pipes up "He's totally seen the she male stuff". Now out in the field Dexter and Lundy have a conversation regarding the Bay Harbour Butcher, this is when Lundy informs him of the camera's in Coral Cove harbour.

I really feel that this is one of those episodes where I don't really have a lot to say, I enjoyed it especially Dexter trying to delete the video footage and the fact that Doakes is growing evermore suspicious of our favourite blood spatter expert. Other than that it was all involving Rita, her mother and Lila, not all that much fun in my opinion but the episode served well in moving the story forward to what I'm sure will be a very impressive finale involving Dexter, Lila and Doakes.

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