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More DEXTER Season 7 Promo Videos - My Dark Passanger Revealed

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I don't think there is any other TV show on the plant right now that is experiencing quite the hype and attention than Dexter's upcoming seventh season. Today I don't have a lot to talk about but what I do have are a couple of Dexter season 7 previews for you to check out, like the last one I put out the other week they really don't give to much away but they do give me a post to put out and it keeps the excitement building for September 30th when the season 7 opener "Are You...?" airs on Showtime to an undoubted massive audience. Of course the real excitement will come later today when a two minute sneak peek of the season 7 premiere will air at this years Comic Con, you may have noticed that I have put a Dexter Comic Con badge over on the right sidebar, the reason? All you need to do is click that and you will be directed to all the Dexter season 7 sneak peeks that are available on Movies Music & Television, there are two up to now and tomorrow the Comic Con footage will be available on YouTube so I will be updating that for you then. Now lets see some footage of Dexter's Dark Passenger being revealed.

Two video's for you there, both the same thing really just one has Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) in bed, whilst the other see's Dexter (Michael C. Hall) contemplating his thoughts.

Now for a very fast promo which was released that went over so quick it was to difficult to make anything of, luckily for us some clever geek on YouTube has slowed it down, check it out.

Now to a video I caught thanks to, it's an animated video which, again doesn't show much. I think this is some sort of online series or something like that, if you know then please inform me, but check it out it's pretty cool.

I'm not sure I'll be able to resist watching the two minute clip for the season 7 premiere, in fact I tell you now I won't be able to so you can be sure I'll let you know my thought's tomorrow. In the mean time you may know that I'm currently making my way through Dexter's second season and reviewing every epiosde for you, the latest episode "The Dark Defender" is available now, be sure to check it out and I'll be back tomorrow.
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