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Comic-Con 2012: PERSON OF INTEREST Cast Interviews and Gossip

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ok so I have to apologise first off as I thought that maybe we would get to see a trailer for the upcoming second season of hit CBS show Person of Interest at this years Comic-Con, I sort of promised it on the Dexter 2 minute sneak peak post. Unfortunately that’s not the case but, what we have been provided is a panel interview with show runner Jonathan Nolan and the main cast members Jim Cavizel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman. We were also given access to a couple of interviews with Mr Finch and Mr Reese who seem to bounce off each other well in real life, and we also got a chat with Carter and Fusco on how they see their characters in TV’s most kick ass show. Make sure you watch the Reese and Finch video until at least 4.40, that way you get to check out Jim Cavizel’s Homer Simpson impression.

So, big plans for Root, that’s good news and reading between the lines the machine will be playing a big part, Nolan said “It has a contract”.

If you managed to hang on for the entire interview then you’ll have heard a member of the audience ask if the machine will ever work out of the constraints of New York City, a very good question and one which we have debated over many times here at Movies Music & Television. Unfortunately creator Jonathan Nolan was giving nothing away and answered “that’s the spin-off, Person of Interest Cleveland.”

Person of Interest is due to return to our screens on September 27th at 9pm with the season 2 premiere named “The Contingency”, now that’s a pretty intriguing name if I do say so myself. If you remember in the season one finale review we talked about the contingency plan which had been built into the machine by it’s co-founder and creator Nathan Ingram who may or may not be dead, Finch was not in favour of the so called “back door” entry into the machine as it wasn’t as secure as he would like, proved when the system was breached by ultimate hacker and season finale protagonist Root, the female who staged her own kidnapping in New York knowing that Mr’s Reese and Finch would be straight on her case allowing her to kidnap Finch.

According to Michael Emerson the guest star in the first episode is someone from Lost, who will play the Person of Interest. Let’s throw some names out my first though Dominic Monaghan (Charlie in Lost), strange dude and possible intriguing Person of Interest.

Now the title “Contingency” could see the opening episode going two ways, maybe Mr Reese is going to need a contingency plan following the kidnapping of Finch, we know the machine is still issuing numbers (SSN’s”) but what we don’t know is who was on the other end of that phone which Reese picked up in “Firewall”, chances are it’s the machine itself, if not then there are a list of people including Nathan Ingram, Elias or indeed Root. The other contingency plan which could be needed is that of Mr Finch’s rescue, that’s assuming that Reese does not do whatever he is ordered to over the phone, maybe the very aware machine is issuing the SSN of Harold Finch and that is going to be Reese’s main mission come September. I’m sure that whatever the deal is Person of Interest will not fail to disappoint and thanks to Jim Cavizel spending time with U.S Navy Seal teams I’m sure this will be kick ass once again.
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