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This Week In Cinema's..... Danny De Vito is THE LORAX

Friday, 27 July 2012

It’s a pretty poor week down at you local cinema if your hoping to go see anything new. Your only option is the new animated adventure The Lorax, and let’s face it unless you have kids who are already board after the first week of their school summer holiday, then that’s the only way your going to see this one. Don’t worry though, if you want to go see something a little more adult (not in the way your thinking) themed the The Dark Knight Rises is still showing all over the country and the que should have gone down a bit by now.

Ok, onto the matter at hand, telling you about The Lorax Starring the voice talents of Danny De Vito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and the grandma from Wedding Crashers Betty White. I actually heard about The Lorax a good while a go now, maybe even last year when I saw the trailer Glen posted at 1 Man, 365 Movies (a blog which has since disappeared), I’ll be honest I wasn’t really that interested then nor am I that interested now. The movie is based on the books about Dr Suess, again I am not interested in those nor have I ever read one. I’m not going to go into a detailed synopsis for you (can’t really be bothered) but basically the movie is the story of a young boy named Ted (Efron) who is seeking to win the heart of his dream girl Audrey (Swift), she wants to see a real tree and thanks to the world they live in they are pretty hard to come by. Ted goes about his ways to try and fix the environmental problem but is hampered in his efforts by the corrupt Mayor of Thneed-Ville (voiced by Rob Riggle). Quite where Dr Suess’ The Lorax fits in I’m not sure but he is a protester against the environmental problems and my guess is he probably ends up helping out Ted and Audrey in some way, I’ve posted the trailer below for you to check out.

You off to see The Lorax then? Yeah like me you’re only going to see this if the kids drag you there on Saturday afternoon, luckily I’m on a works night out this Saturday which starts around 5pm so sitting in the cinema won’t be an option for me.
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