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TV Review: DEXTER - Morning Comes 2.8

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rolling on with Dexter’s second season and things just keep getting better and better. Following the events at the end of last weeks episode and Lila’s desperate call for attention she is now living with Dexter and Debra who has also had to move in since her ordeal with The Ice Truck Killer. It’s a bad situation for OCD sufferer Dexter who likes everything tidy and in order, second to that Dexter describes living with the two like living with a Cobra and a Mongoose, any guesses who’s, who? I’ll go Debra Mongoose as Lila seems the more poisonous of the two. Away from that Dexter is trying to fix things up with Rita and the kids whilst also fending off attention for Doakes who has just come by an awful lot of spare time.

First off Dexter is over at Lila’s helping out with the clean up operation following the fire, this is when the pin finally starts to drop for Dexter on just how dangerous this lady can be. On asking again how the fire started she come out with some bull shit story which Dexter immediately disproves by looking at scorch marks on her art work (if that’s art, I don’t want any of it). It’s a situation which Dexter doesn’t comment on but he is starting to learn a lot more about British chick Lila who has already admitted to being an arsonist, torching someone’s house knowing full well they were in there. I said it from the beginning, stay well clear Dexter, but that just wouldn’t be as much fun would it?

Asides from all of the arguing going on in Dexter’s apartment there still comes the time of day when him, Lila and Debra are at work leaving Doakes the perfect opportunity to break in and take a look around for any incriminating evidence which may have been left lying around. At first it looks like Doakes will draw a blank once again but just as he’s about to leave he opens up the air conditioning unit and reveals Dexter’s catalogue of blood. That is something that can go either way for Doakes, any normal person would probably run straight back to work shouting “hey, look what I found in Dexter’s apartment”, but not Doakes he needs something more concrete and leaving the blood slides in his car he has now given Dexter the opportunity to stitch him up good and proper on charges of being a murderer.

Probably one of my favourite episodes of this season so far for many reasons, but the main one to mention would be Dexter getting back to his good old self and providing us with the thrill of the kill. It’s bowling night once again and Dexter has allowed Lila to come along for the experience, leaving they are greeted by none other than Santos Jiminez, the former gangster who killed Dexter’s mother and was confronted by him in “The Dark Defender”, on that occasion Dexter’s sponsor Lila managed to talk him out of killing Jiminez, but this time it’s Dexter’s life that’s threatened and that just ain’t happening. Dexter maybe able to change or be talked down but clearly some people don’t change their spots and Jiminez needs dealt with in what is surely one of Dexter’s most satisfying kill’s of all time, finishing the guy off with a chainsaw just as he had done to his mother.

Dexter’s problems won’t be going away anytime soon though, as Agent Lundy has come to the conclusion that The Bay Harbour Butcher is definitely a police employee, he has drafted in extra help from the FBI and ordered a review of all cases dealt with by Miami Metro homicide, a call which almost sees Dexter pay, as Lundy finds a case which Doakes dealt with and notices that it was lost due to some bad blood work, the kind of thing that Dexter wouldn’t normally mess up. In this episode nothing really happens with that but it’s something that could come up again in later episodes.

“Morning Comes” is a brilliant episode of what is turning out to be the brilliant season of Dexter that I was promised, so much was on display here it’s difficult to keep up at times. Good to hear some Creedence Clearwater Revival with their hit Bad Moon Rising and I Loved Dexter getting his revenge on Jiminez as you’ve probably guessed, the tempo in Dexter right now is electric, roll on episode 9 “Resistance is Futile”.
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