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TV Review: DEXTER - That Night, a Forest Grew 2.7

Monday, 23 July 2012

“No matter what you try, no matter when, no matter how hard you work, I’ll always be one step ahead of you for one simple reason. I own you” – Dexter to Sgt Doakes

Dexter’s second season really didn’t get going for me until his new alter ego The Dark Defender arrived in episode five, now it seems that season two is in full flow as it’s just delivered it’s best episode yet in “That Night, a Forest Grew”, with Dexter finally taking control from Agent Lundy, leading the police on all sorts of wild Goose chases and really upping the auntie on the mind games with Sgt Doakes. However just as Dexter thinks he has it all figured out, it seemingly backfires on him as Doakes is suspended and now has 24 hours a day to watch Dexter, whilst Agent Lundy figures out that Miami Metro have been dealt a duff hand by The Bay Harbour Butcher and comes to the conclusion that the serial killer must work in Law Enforcement.

It’s a brilliant start to the episode as Dexter (The REAL Bay Harbour Butcher) sends a 32 page manifesto to The Miami Herald Tribune, knowing full well this will get forwarded to Miami Metro’s homicide division he returns to work to watch Agent Lundy and his joint task force set off in every direction imaginable thinking they finally have a lead on the elusive Bay Harbour Butcher. Little do Miami Metro know at first that Dexter has just pulled a load of information together from various blogs and then “presto manifesto”, being a police employee he knows exactly what to say in order to send them in the wrong direction giving him some breathing space to concentrate on the ever more suspicious Sgt Doakes.

Doakes has been following Dexter since the beginning of the season after noticing that something just doesn’t sit right with Miami Metro’s blood spatter analyst, his constant harassment of Dexter which was majorly upped during “Dex, Lies, and Videotape”. Now, Dexter is backed into a corner and after feeling it necessary to report Sgt Doakes to Lieutenant LaGuerta he has now taken matters into his own hands. In a brilliant scene started with Dexter muttering to Doakes the words I mentioned above he casually gets up and head butt’s him in the secrecy of his lab before immediately leaving knowing full well that Doakes will follow him and react. And react he does punching Dexter to the face in front of the whole office, once again Dexter wins and Doakes looks like the trouble maker.

Of course Doakes being suspended from Miami Metro doesn’t stop him following Dexter, in fact like I said above he now has even more time on his hands to continue his chase. This should prove to be a fascinating battle between Dexter and Doakes for the remainder of the season as Dexter is now going to have to deal with him, either kill him or in some very clever way frame him whilst he is watching constantly.

Still, this week Dexter is in quandary, he never wanted to leave Rita she just kicked him out thanks to the devious and ever more psychotic Lila. Dexter was somewhat thrown into her arms last week and she would like him all to herself, but Dexter still has family ties and he loves this side of his relationship with Rita, he is contacted by Cody and agrees to be at the school for his display. Not happy about this Lila shows us all just how crazy she can be and proves once and for all that although she quenches Dexter’s urges to kill people she is also very bad news.

On a side note Debra dumped her gym buddy this week and made her intentions towards Agent Lundy known when supposedly checking out the local marina she made her move regardless of the huge old enough to be her father age difference.

Also good news this week is the removal of Rita’s mother from her home, after young Cody took it upon himself to call Dexter (the only father figure in his life) Rita’s mother punished him, an act which Rita was not happy about and proceeded to throw out her mother, finally. This was a brilliant episode of Dexter’s second season and probably provides the turning point heading towards the finale. Dexter v Doakes, Dexter v Lundy, Dexter v Lila, The Bay Harbour Buthcer has some great battles coming in the next few weeks.
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