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What Happened To "The Event"

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Event (NBC and Channel 4)

Cast – Jason Ritter (Sean Walker), Sarah Roemer (Leila Buchanan), Laura Innes (Sophia Maguire), Ian Anthony Dale (Simon Lee), Scott Patterson (Michael Buchanan), Taylor Cole (Vicky Roberts), Lisa Vidal (First Lady, Christina Martinez), Bill Smitrovich (Vice President Raymond Jarvis), Clifton Collins Jr (Thomas), Zeljko Ivanek (Blake Sterling) and Blair Underwood (President Elias Martinez)
With Lost, Prison Break and FlashForward now away from our screens NBC’s latest offering The Event has been providing us with high octane US action and thrills.
The Event in my eyes is currently the best show on television, and I have certainly been missing it since it left our screens in early December 2010.  The show is aired in America on NBC and in England on Channel 4 it stars Jason Ritter who plays Sean Walker a man who is investigating the disappearance of his fiancé, the further Sean delves into the investigation the more he uncovers about the biggest cover up in American history.  Ten episodes of the show have currently been aired and it is due to return to our screens in early spring 2011, can’t wait!
Never seen it yet (take a look at the trailer below) you can watch full episodes on 4OD (4 On Demand) available on YouTube.Com

Episode List
1.       I Haven’t Told You Everything
2.       To Keep Us Safe
3.       Protect Them From The truth
4.       A Matter Of Life and Death
5.       Casualties of War
6.       Loyalty
7.       I Know Who You Are
8.       For The Good of Our Country
9.       Your World to Take
10.   Everything Will Change

11.   And Then There Were More (According to my sources aires 28/02/2011 probably on NBC)
This show has provided some really good viewing since we no longer have the conspiracies of Lost and FlashForward to get our heads around.  The Event has plenty of its own questions, theory’s and answers that it throws up to get us thinking. 
What are your thoughts on the show?
How do you think things will pan out over the remainder of the series?
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