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Upcoming Movie Trailer: Shark Night 3D Starring Sara Paxton

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hold up, haven’t I seen this movie before?  This looks like Swamp Shark only with a slightly bigger budget and a 3D animated shark or sharks as the case may be, awesome!  Nothing better than a shark movie right?  No seriously this looks exactly like the movie I’ve just mentioned a shark has been released in a swamp, which bastard is responsible for that?

In very similar circumstances a load of teenagers head over to a lake house for the weekend, very quickly they strip to their bathing costumes, perfect we are in paradise.  Not to long after the hot shot of the group stumbles out the lake minus his arms in what the girls presume is a freak wake boarding accident (how fast was the boat going?).  Deciding to take their friend to the other side of the lake in the only available very small speed boat they learn the lake has been infested with flesh eating sharks, and oh yeah it's in 3D.

The movie stars Sara Paxton (Superhero Movie, The Last House On The Left), Dustin Milligan (Slither, The Butterfly Effect 2), Chris Carmack (The Butterfly Effect 3, Into The Blue 2) and Katherine Mcphee (American Idol) and is due in UK cinemas on September 30th 2011.

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