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Review: TWO AND A HALF MEN SEASON 9 PREMIERE. Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As guessed the brand new season of Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher opened to massive ratings on American network CBS, giving the station it's best ratings yet.  The same followed suit on Canadian TV network CTV who also bought the hit comedy show, their records sawed as 5 million viewers tuned in to see the death of Charlie Harper and be introduced to new leading man Walden Schmidt.  All that was left now was audience figures on UK network Comedy Central to go crazy and Ashton would be an instant hit.

Introducing a new character to this show was always going to be a difficult challenge, let's not forget Charlie Sheen played the lead role for 7 years and during that time he became the highest paid TV comedy actor in the world, along with the show being rated the number 1 comedy in the world  Ashton's character Walden Schmidt was introduced to us following his failed (laughable) attempt at suicide after his wife had dumped him and refused to take him back, I would say right at that point any tears you had shed over Sheen's sacking and on screen death are quickly dried up when Walden appears.

Schmidt is a billionaire who made his money courtesy of Microsoft who bought his invention the Zoon off him in order to rival iPod, luckily for Walden they just happened to stump up $1.3 billion for the music player and his website.

The moment Kutcher appears dripping wet on the deck behind those famous beach house doors you are hooked, maybe it's to do with it being almost a completely new show, curiosity if you will.  Charlie Harper was met with a very undignified end just as producer Chuck Lorre had promised and unless he's haunting the beach house there is no way back to the show for him, they even went as far as Alan spilling his ashes on the living room floor before hoovering him up with a dust buster. 

I know the show is tongue in cheek but the funeral was a bit of a joke, during Alan's eulogy of his brother he is constantly interrupted by Charlie's past female conquests who feel the need to tell us which sexually transmitted infections they caught off him, his chemist who he owes $34k to for errr medication and then his own mother who uses the ceremony to her advantage even offering out a brochure for Charlie's beach house.

Bringing back the show was done in spectacular fashion, not just with the introduction of Ashton Kutcher but also the various guest stars who appeared I don't remember their names but they all came for a look around the beach house on open day and are involved with either Chuck Lorre or CBS. 

Kutcher put in a stellar performance I thought, anyone who doubted his ability either in the show or as an actor has been proven wrong and if you need more proof go watch the Butterfly Effect (2004).  Walden Schmidt went from broken man to sexually healed within two minutes on the screen following the usual patter of Charlie with two girls in bed while Alan is left down stairs to tend to himself.  It seems Ashton is going to walk round naked a lot , not my idea of fun but I'm sure the ladies will like it.

The show is no doubt going to continue in the fashion we are used to, Alan failing miserably with women whilst Walden is their to pick up the pieces.  The pair hit off an instant friendship in the first show with Alan even acting up in Charlie's shoes during the scene in the bar.  That didn't last to long though and I've no doubt come next weeks show the deal will be done for the beach house and it's long time lodger.

The biggest show on TV is back with an extremely big bang, the characters remain the same and Ashton Kutcher confirmed he is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood.
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