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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Not bab week in music for you but not a great one either, a couple of new releases for you and one song that has shot back to popularity following it featuring on the X Factor last weekend, you know the one I mean right?  That Welsh teacher all the girls are going cra-Z about!!!...Yeah him.  Ok never mind me rabbating he didn't even get past Boot camp anyway.  let's go see what I found for you this week.

Well first up it seems that having your song feature on either TV or in a movie really can do you some favours.  American rapper Sean Kingston going to be back with his third studio album very soon, the first track to be taken from it is Party All Night (Sleep All Day), which recently featured in the Inbeteweeners movie.  Thaks to the movie the song has gone straight into the number 7 slot in the UK charts before it's even released here.

While we are on the subject of TV shows and movies I may as well tell you about the other song.  Singer/Songwriter Damien Rice first found fame with his band Juniper during the early 90's, following that he went solo and most of his music can be heard in both movies and TV adverts.  Then last Saturday night some Welsh dude rolls up to the X Factor auditions and gives a perfect version of his hit single Cannonball, Damein wouldn't have minded.  John Adam's done a great version of his song but, now we know he definitly wont mind as the song rocked back up to number 4 in the UK charts, I'm sure Damien Rice is feeling pretty good right now!

I got kind of a special request for the next song!  Well not a request but something that regular reader and commenter Ruben mentioned a while ago, the US radio stations are currently flooded with the sound of Bruno Mars and to be honest the ones here in the UK are to.  I heard his new song It Will Rain on Radio 1 through the week on the Fearne Cotton show, she let the UK into a little secret.  Bruno was the youngest Elivs impersinator ever at the age of 4, she even had the clips from the competitions he entered.  I'm sure you can find that on YouTube, in the mean time check out his new video from the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part One.

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