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THE KILLING Season 1 Episode 10 - I'll Let You Know When I Get There

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Really late with this posting this week, don't ask me what's happening at the minute I just always seem to have something else to do, anyway enough of me complaining on with the review.  It was another tense start this week with the lifeless Bennett Ahmed lying unconscious on the dirt track where he was left by Stan and Belko.  He manages to make it to hospital but is in a critical condition.

Riddled with the guilt of beating up an innocent man Stan hands himself into police and at court he goes against the advice of his solicitor and pleads guilty to attempted murder, In the mean time detective Linden meets up with the cabbie who picked Rosie up from the party on the night, the cabbie's records confirm that Rosie was taken home.  A couple of things I need to mention there first, there is now a new suspect (I'll get to that in a minute) second did anyone notice Linden had her phone on in court?  I don't know about the states but here in England you would probably be held in contempt of court for doing that.

The CCTV from the taxi just happened to be pointing out of the back window the night Rosie was dropped off at home, it shows that their was a light on when she arrived meaning that someone was already inside, but who?  My guess is that Mitch Larsen's sister still has something to do with this.  The police seem to be taking another angle though, turns out Stan's partner Belko is a bit of a weirdo and Stan does not allow him into the house when no one else is home, Belko usually has other plans.  Did he kill Rosie Larsen?

I haven't talked much about the political side of this show and there is a reason for that, It does not interest me in the slightest.  I may have to start paying more attention to it now though as this week Council man Richmond was informed that he has met Rosie Larsen before, something he has denied all along, turns out she was into politics (if I remember rightly).  There is a photo of them speaking, so does he know more than we do?  Did  he kill Rosie Larsen?

Belko the weirdo I mentioned before is looking like the lead suspect right now, this guy is really strange nothing like the calm composed guy we have seen every week until now.  Stan Larsen's removal business is ran from the workshop under his house Belko being Stan's most trusted employee has keys to the business granting him access to the house, case solved it was Belko, wrong I won't go into details but after his police interview I really don't think it was him he just likes to sit
and look.

We also find out that Rosie was on the phone to Adela on the night, who or what is Adela?  If it is a person are they involved?  Adela looks like it is involved but it's not a person it's a boat, well ferry which seems to connect the main land to an island where there is a casino, the casino shares the same logo as the keyring that was found on Rosie at the time.  In the mean time Micth Larsen learns that all of the Larsen family funds have been taken from the bank, Belko maybe?

Another great episode of The Killing and I'm looking forward to tomorrows episode, I'm sure it'll be tense and gripping as always.

A little heads up to everyone.  Movies Music & Television is going (.com), hopefully it will be some time in the next week, don't worry I'll post about it before the switch.
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