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Review: X FACTOR 2011 Auditions - Episode 4

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'm really starting to struggle with the X Factor this year, not the show but the reviewing of every episode.  The views on previous postings have had are minuscule to say the least and generate no discussion among the comments.  Blogging in general seems to be pretty worthless at the moment, my traffic has been halved for reasons unknown and I can not remember the last time anyone commented on something I have posted, this site will still be going (.COM) hopefully over the next week, here's hoping that viewing and commenting will change.

The X Factor auditions rolled into Manchester this week, a place where Take That front man Gary Barlow thought they may well find this years winner, unfortunately things didn't go exactly to plan with only a couple of good acts presenting themselves on stage.

First up it's Andy who is 17 years old and from Ripley in Derbyshire, hands up now y'all to the left, to the left and keep going please Andy. This guy is a beauty student (stop laughing) when he is not singing.  Ok you can laugh now he has started to sing, honestly who tells these kids that it's a good idea to go on TV with no talent.

Now to a girl you may remember from last year, Chrissie who got through to boot camp last time and she has now rolled up with her three good friends from Newcastle.  They call themselves Twisted and they want to be as big as Destiny's Child!  Not going to happen for them but at least Kelly Rowland saw enough potential in the voice of Chrissie to go backstage and invite her back to audition as a solo artist.

I can't get a video from YouTube for this as all the embedding has been disabled, here are a couple of links one to ITV for my UK viewers and the other to YouTube for my international readers, go check out the video's and come back when your done! Pretty please.

Kendro, Kendro.  That is something I don't think you will hear to many people shouting from the roof tops, I really think these two best friends only turned up hoping to impress judge Louis Walsh and maybe become the next Jedward and star in celebrity Big Brother because let's face it it they can't sing, and to be honest the dancing really wasn't much better.

Sami Brooks for you now, a bar maid who has always wanted to be a singer.  She was singing Whitney Houston's One Moment In Time, I was worrying at this point.  I think you always do when people say they are going to sing Whitney, it generally doesn't work out unless there trying to impersonate her on crack.  Luckily that was not the case in this audition and Sami blew the judges away winning four straight yeses and sailing through to the next round.

I thought I would save the best act of the night until last.  I watched the video for this on YouTube this morning, I thought this guys name was Mercel, don't ask why!  Maybe I misheard.  His real name is Lascel Woods a 20 year old guy who came along to the auditions with his mother.  Great voice and definitely one to watch this year, I think this guy will go all the way to the final.

The X Factor is on here again tonight, I don't know why but I'm sure all will be revealed at 8.15pm tonight on ITV 1, I hope they are not going to go into overkill like they did with Britain's Got Talent.  I got really board with that last time and I'm hoping it doesn't happen with the X Factor.  I will probably review tonight's show to and then see how it goes from there.
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