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Falling Skies Season 1 Episodes 9 & 10 - Mutiny & Eight Hours

Thursday, 1 September 2011

So this is it the finale of Falling Skies, some of these episodes have been a real stretch for me and I have to say that last nights two part finisher was another one of those.  Thanks to a spoiler I read a few weeks ago I kind of knew what to expect last night especially the ending.

We found out this week, or at least it looked this week like Commander Weaver is loosing his cool, is he addicted to pills?  No.  He has been taking some for a few weeks but following last weeks incident at his house when he was caught swigging whisky, but he has given up on that now.  We got introduced to someone new this week, at least I think he was new Lieutenant Dan I think was his name, anyone else wondering where he came from?

Episode 9 was pretty much a power struggle between Commander Weaver and Tom, although Tom doesn't want to lead the 2nd Mass himself he is fighting to be kept in the loop as Weaver is continually by passing him and failing to provide the civilians of the 2nd Mass with true information as to what the attack of the alien base involves.  Tom ended up in prison (sort of) for his troubles and found himself even further out the loop.

Scott has been working on the radio transmitters for the last couple of weeks, we know thats how the aliens communicate and that has given Scott an idea.  If he can get their signal long enough he can jam it and maybe give the 2nd Mass a better oppertunity to stage an attack.  This was done with the help of Ben,Tom's son who was harneessed, he can hear the commnuication meaning that he is still not free of their hold yet.

Onto episode 10 now and a good start with Rick, the other harnessed kid creeping around the cealing of classroom where Scott was trying to jam the signal, he is just like a Skitter now and it wasn't long before he went to try and make contact with the aliens, they only exploited him for info on the 2nd Mass though and then left him alone in the woods.

In the mean time the 2nd Mass army are marching on to Boston to stage and attack on the alien base, they are on their own though as the 4th and 5th Mass have all been defeated.  The info that Rick has provided to the Skitters is going to cause problems for 2nd Mass though and their attack may now be compramised as the Skitters know the plan.

The rest of the 2nd Mass now have to evacuate the school leaving only a handful behind to fight the oncoming attack of the Mech's.  That was a pretty good final battle but for me it was over far to quickly, finally just before Tom goes off to find Commander Weaver in Boston, it's only took him ten weeks but he finally kissed the camp DR, don't remember her name but Moon Bloodgood plays the part.

It was a little disappointing in the last episode, although the 2nd Mass finally got a shot off at the alien base I am struggling for a reason to watch the second series, if there is one,  I don't think the show has been as big of a hit here in the UK as it was in the US but I may be wrong.  The final scene saw Tom going off with the aliens as they don't understand the tough resistance they have come up against.  If there is a second series then the first episode maybe worth a watch to see what happens there but other than that I may well not bother with a second series of this show.
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