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What TV Show Should I Add To My Schedule?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ok as I mentioned earlier during the TV previews, I'm after an opinion.  I'm looking for one possibly two new TV shows to get into, I don't have time to watch everything of course and I already  watch Dexter, Terra Nova, Homeland, Person of Interest, The Walking Dead and Two and a Half Men, how do I get time to go through all those is what I sometimes think and now I'm looking to add another show, what's on my list?

First off I want to mention Fringe, the show is now into it's fourth season and the 7th episode is due to air on Friday, my intention would be to catch up with the fourth season and continue to watch keeping up with America.  I actually watched about half a dozen episodes of the first season of the show, for some reason or other I stopped watching.  It's a J.J. Abrams show which means it's pretty good and I've watched the preview for the seventh episode which looks pretty awesome, I'm really thinking this will be my new squeeze.  Let me know what you think, would you enjoy reading about this show?  Do you watch it?  And can you help bring me up to speed with things as Ruben did with Dexter?

Next is a show that's never really interested me until recently.  My brother in law called my about Supernatural earlier in the week asking why it wasn't on TV here in England on Wednesday night as it always is.  My answer was simple, how do I know, I don't watch it.  He told me it's the only thing worth watching right now since Lost and Prison Break left our screens (he doesn't watch the shows I mentioned above).  That made me think should I be taking this in, I've seen the latest preview and it does look pretty good.  One problem though it's into it's ninth season, I would catch up with this season then watch with America as I will with Fringe, is it worth my time?

What about Chuck?  Does anyone watch that one?  It's a kind of an action comedy where Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a spy who's friend works for the CIA.  He E-Mails something to Chuck which embeds in his brain.  It's probably kind of a long shot due to the fact that this show was almost cancelled after 2 seasons, it was only renewed for a third after a big investment from it's sponsor.  They have announced that the current fifth season will be the last, if I am to watch it I probably take it from the start.

Next one I'm thinking will be worth my time is Sons Of Anarchy, nothing better than a bunch of vigilante motorcyclists roaming around, right?  I really don't know to much about this show other than it stars the guy who played Hellboy.  Season 4 of the show has just started and a fifth has already been ordered.  Sons Of Anarchy is the highest rated FX TV show ever and pulls in big audiences week on week.  What do you think should I check this out?  My intention will be to watch season 4 from the beginning and catch up to where it's at on TV.

Now one show that I'm definitely going to be watching, Breaking Bad.  I have been promising myself for long enough now, I just got my hands on the Blu-Ray box set and intend on watching the show from the start, starting tonight hopefully.  Breaking Bad follows Walter White (Bryan Cranston) a teacher who finds out he has lung cancer, not wanting to leave his family empty handed he sets up his own methamphetamine lab and becomes a distributor of the drug.  The show has won wide spread critical acclaim and has won 6 Emmy awards, 3 of which were for best leading actor in a TV show for Bryan Cranston.  Season 5 of the show has been ordered and will be 16 episodes possibly split across two seasons.  AMC have confirmed it will be the last one.

All in all Breaking bad is the definite for me and maybe Fringe I think, but what do you think do you know of any reasons why I should avoid them?  If so then let me know, maybe you know about a show that I haven't mentioned in the list, if so don't hesitate to tell me about it in comments.
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