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New UK Music Single Releases: 28th November 2011, BLINK 182, JASON DRULO, JAY-Z and KANYE WEST

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Alphabet Backwards – 'British Explorer' – No don’t worry, I haven’t heard of them either and to say they are easy to find out about on the Internet would be a lie.  Google “Alphabet Backwards Wiki”, you are treated to some info on a guy who can say the Alphabet backwards.  They are a relatively new pop band from Oxford, England.

Brett Anderson – 'Crash About To Happen' – Easier if you just say Suede, you know the band?  Yeah them, Brett Anderson was their lead singer, they split in 2003 and he formed The Tears, that didn’t work out so now he’s going solo.

Blink-182 – 'Wishing Well' – Need no introduction from me do they?  Blink 182 are a massive American rock band formed in 2003, their music is pretty good and the drummer is Travis Barker, you know the guy who wants to be a millionaire, so fricken bad.

 Fixers – 'Imperial Goddess Of Mercy EP' – A British band, I think this may be their fourth single release, previous to this they released “Swimhaus Johannesberg” which was played quite often on Radio 1.

Gotye – 'Easy Way Out' – A one guy multi instrumental musician who is also in Indie band The Basics, he performs solo and this latest track is from his fourth studio album, I ain’t heard of him but this song is very good, more the guitar riffs than anything else.

Ben Howard – 'The Fear' – An English singer/songwriter making his way up the ladder, the song is not bad but it’s not my idea of fun.

Jay Z (top), Kanye West
 Jason Derulo – 'Fight For You' – Again a guy who really does not need any introduction from me, Jason Derulo has been on plenty mixtapes here before, this song is crap.

Jay – Z and Kanye West – 'Why I Love You' – Two massive names in the world of hip hop, they seem to be working together quite a lot lately. I have heard this song a lot on the radio and I have to be honest it’s pretty catchy.

King Charles – 'Bam Bam' – An English singer/songwriter who says he tramples the border of cool and not cool.  As far as Bam Bam goes, I would have to say not cool.

Lenny Kravitz – 'Push' – An American artist who can just about do anything, I have never been the biggest fan of his music but I can’t deny he is a talented guy, this latest release is not that good but does provide you with very easy listening.

Lenny Kravitz
 Christina Perri – 'Arms' – She might be pretty but don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security, I only caught a little of this song and was beginning to develop self harm issues.

Patrick Wolf – 'Together' – An English/Irish singer/songwriter who I hadn’t heard of, after taking a listen to this I can’t say I’m that bothered.  I was bored literally just after it started.

The Wombats - '1996' – An Indie rock band from Liverpool, England.  They featured here a couple of weeks back, I have never been their biggest fan but this song is ok.
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