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Movie Review: METAL TORNADO Starring Greg Evigan

Monday, 21 November 2011

Ok so Syfy are back with their latest offering and don't worry about it, I haven't heard of Greg Evigan either, following this movie I don't think I'll be rushing out to see any of his other movies.  I keep watching these offerings as some of them are ok, unfortunately though this movie can not be added to that list.

Starring: Greg Evigan,Sophie Gendron, John Mclaren and Alexis Maitland

The Plot

Well there is this scientist guy who works in science (funny, that), he and his team have done an experiment that goes tits up in all honesty.  As a result of their experiment a massive Tornado breaks out but, wait for it!......... It's not like any tornado you've ever seen before, it's a tornado with a magnetic field meaning that anything that's metal will be drawn towards it.  That's pretty much it really being a SyFy movie there is nothing more pressing than that.

The Verdict

Well what do you expect really?  It's a made for TV SyFy Movie which failed to impress on any level what so ever.  I have said this before about SyFy movies, you would expect them to get better with time.  Techniques and Technology move on but for SyFy they seem to be able to make it stand still. Earlier in the year they put out Swamp Shark, a great TV movie in my opinion, from that you would expect them to keep a standard.The acting, if you could call it that is terrible, they have gone back to the Mega Python vs Mega Gator standard.... TERRIBLE.  I'm struggling here, this is how bad this movies was.  Nothing here is believable, and you wouldn't even concern yourself if it was because the movie is so bad.  SyFy should be trying to make this kind of thing better as apposed to worse.

I understand that TV budgets are limited somewhat but I'm sure that even in times of recession that they could do better than this.  A fake looking tornado, that is clearly computer generated every time on screen does not fill me with suspense.  The actors, all of whom I've never heard of do a terrible job even in convincing us that the tornado is real.

Do you want to see a good SyFy movie, yeah?  Then don't watch this one. I would imagine they bill it as a thriller, there are no thrills here believe me.  This movie is terrible and a compete waste of your time.  The only reason I got through it was the fact I was writing this whilst watching it.  To add further insult to injury, I read a review on the movie which labelled it a national embarrassment, it was shot in Ontario, Canada, no problem with that but, apparently they hang American flags in the Ottawa Valley (shocking).

Would I watch it again?
Of course I would!  Yeah right, someone would have to pay me a lot of money to watch this one again, I'll take Swamp Shark any day.

Rating:  To give this movie even one star would be an embarrassment, there for its not even getting a rating.  I have granted movies a score in the past which they didn't deserve.  That stops now.
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